“That’ll learn a bitch”…. Oh wait, wrong guy

When I lived in Ohio I loved Opening Day because it marked the end of an incredibly long and depressing winter. The sun was going to be shining more often, school was almost over, trees and grass were going to come back to life and my favorite sport was about to be on the television almost every day until the beginning of November. The feeling, especially during the mid to late 90’s when the Indians had a real chance of making the World Series every year, was a confident optimism Cleveland fans have not experienced very much in the last quarter century. Last year’s success kind of krept up on us, a Kazmir and Jimenez turned in great years and Giambi couldn’t stop hitting game winning homeruns. Swisher, Bourn and Cabrera had slow years but Kipnis, Brantley and the Goon Squad stepped in with solid performances and helped win the wild card. Possibly the most exciting part of the team is knowing that Francona is the glue that holds everything together and there is a real confident optimism that the Indians can get back to the playoffs again this year. It’s a different team, but a lot of the same personalities are back and some of the dead weight has been cut out. (I’m talking about you Perez, you know, because you’re girlfriend is definitely reading this to you while you sit on the couch braiding a new hemp necklace. Stupid head case.)

So it’s opening day, but now I’m in Florida getting ready to deal with an incredibly long and scorching summer. The sun will be shining even brighter, the stupid neighborhood kids will be out of school, and I am going to have to cut the grass at least twice a week so it doesn’t grow over the top of my house. But thankfully, my favorite sport will be on every day until November and I’m feeling confidently optimistic. I hope everyone out there is too. Except Astros fans. Your team is garbage. You guys just forget about baseball and focus on the draft and NBA playoffs. God the Astros suck.


Brothers gotta hug!!

Had to throw in the Metcalf 2 TD punt return game against the Steelers, still gets me geeked up.

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