Cavs Rollin’!!! Get That Weak Stuff Outta’ Here!

Posted: April 2, 2014 in basketball, blown call, breaking news, comedy, florida, humor, manly humor, popular culture & entertainment, satire, Sports, technology, television
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The Cavs are doing it to me again. Goddamn them. But, If for some reason you’re not watching the hottest team in the East steam rollin’ fools then you’re wasting your life. The Cavs have won 4 of 5 and as I type this they’re up by 23 on the Magic in the 4th. I have no idea why I’m NOT standing courtside in the Amway Center next to the Cavs bench playing grab ass with Thompson and Deng because there is literally no one left in the arena to stop me. That and courtside seats are like 60 bucks. I could be doing the cabbage patch on the jumbo tron right now for less then a shitty dinner at the Olive Garden. What’s wrong with me!!!

Anyway, the Cavs will burn through the rest of the schedule like wildfire and who’s gonna stop them? A bunch of sub .500 teams? They only play 2 more winning teams for the rest of the year and the only way the shit teams get it going is to go on a huge winning streak and that’s exactly what the Cavs are doing. You could be witnessing history but instead you’re wasting your time reading blogs on the interweb. Get out there and do your part! It’s time for action, citizen!!!
Don’t let the Cavs get the Pacers in the first round. I could see that series going 5 games. Cavs get a huge win at the Q in the 4th game and then lose by 47 to close out the series. Big things in our future… big things…Even if they don’t make it at least they’re not the Knicks not making it. I’d kill myself if I were a fan. There’s plenty of tall buildings to choose from in New York, you people have no excuse. Should be raining Knicks fans all day everyday.


thanks to Johnny Mac for the inspiration and the Jim Fassel video.


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