ESPN- Former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson has agreed with the Washington Redskins. Jackson will join Washington on a three-year deal, sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.
Jackson took to Twitter to announce the agreement:

The deal is worth $24 million, including $16 million guaranteed, sources told Schefter. Jackson’s addition seemed to be a certainty ever since he arrived in northern Virginia late Monday afternoon. He dined with Redskins coaches Monday night, went out with Redskins players Pierre Garcon and DeAngelo Hall later that night and met with team officials Tuesday. Both players had publicly stated their desire for Jackson to join the Redskins, as had quarterback Robert Griffin III. “Very exciting player. Determined to show he is the best and hungry to win. My kinda guy,” Griffin told ESPN’s Britt McHenry. Griffin also took to Twitter to welcome Jackson to D.C. and to the team’s receiving corps.

Motherfucker. That has to be the thought going thru every Raider/Seahawk/49er/Chiefs fan’s head this morning. I really thought he would head out to Oakland like MJD to be closer to his ‘roots’ (as in former home, not the slavery movie with the guy from Reading Rainbow) but in the end playing with an exciting young QB and the chance to buttfuck your former team twice a year was too enticing. The Redskins were garbage last year but that’s because RG3 was hurt and they had zero draft picks. They still have no picks but DeSean kinda makes up for the missing first rounder. He had a career year last year and could be even better in 2014. When he wants to he can be unstoppable either as a WR, RB, or return guy, so good job Dan Snyder you midget bastard. I hope you fall off your milk crate during the introduction press conference.

PS DeSean just think of all the murdering you could’ve done in Oakland. It won’t be the same with the east coast gangs.


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