After watching this trailer I literally had goosebumps thinking of the possibilities if Purging was real. I didn’t see the first one based on bad reviews but I think I will go back and check it out. The idea of 12 hours of free for all, anything goes including murder is fucking nuts. Most people will say ‘yea man that would be sweet! I’d kill my boss finally!’ but guess what cocksucker, there are about a billion people who just want to kill everyone and you will be the one they see first. In theory this is a cool idea. Just go around and do whatever you want ala Grand Theft Auto and have zero consequences, but the really fucked up people would ruin it for everyone. Stealing, public masturbation, and maybe a quick murder or two would suffice for 99% of the population. It’s that 1% that would set hospitals on fire and murder all willy nilly that makes this too far fetched. It’s always the 1%.



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