Another movie about the possibility of humans accessing 100% of their brains. I’m pretty sure that even if I could go full 100, I would really only use it to search Google quicker and maybe cheat codes for video games. I don’t really need the whole Matrix experience but maybe I would, who knows. Either way this new movie, Lucy, is basically an action and female version of Limitless. A girl is stuffed with drugs that can make you superhuman. They accidentally leak into her system and she goes on a revenge rampage to deal with the guys who did it while using 100% of her brain compared to us 10% losers. At first I thought it looked really original and cool but then I realized I saw a good version already with Bradley Cooper and Bobby DeNiro. I’m sure I’ll (il)legally see this at some point but I’m not rushing anywhere to see Scar-Jo as the lead actress.



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