Normally I do a little post about two people, some pictures, then honorable mentions. NOT TODAY. On July 4th the year before, all of these people’s parents were raw dogging their way into creating the best and brightest in Hollywood history. Funny, dramatic, handsome, beautiful, the whole gambit. So thank you America for being so god damn amazing people had to celebrate by having unprotected sex, most likely doggy style.
Marlon Brando
Adam Scott
adam scott1

Eddie Murphy
Italians after Rocky came out-
Bill Cosby and Richard Pryor-
Drunk Dad at a BBQ-
Alec Baldwin
Glengarry Speech-
Some 30 Rock moments-
The Departed-
Aries Spears
aries spears
ESPN Impressions-
Amanda Bynes
David Hyde Pearce
hyde pierce
Tony Orlando
tony orlando
Wayne Newton
Lyle Alzado
lyle alzado
Jared Allen
jared allen
Paris Jackson (I wonder who her real dad is because Michael Jackson you are NOT the father)
paris jackson
paris jackson2


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