Suck of that belt Bronny

Suck of that belt Bronny

ESPN- A debated block at the buzzer. A season sweep of the NBA champions. Hello, Brooklyn — the only NBA team this season to go unbeaten against the Miami Heat. Mason Plumlee denied LeBron James’ dunk attempt at the rim with 2 seconds left, and the Nets finished off a four-game sweep of Miami by beating the Heat 88-87 on Tuesday night.

I’m not someone who hates LeBron for being LeBron. I can’t do it. He is too good and has been so good for over a decade that if you hate him you are doing it to be a prick. You probably also don’t own a TV and tell people at least 4 times an hour that you don’t even miss it. Fuck you. On the court he is a God, off of it LeBron is a complete utter douche. So I really relish in the fact that some goofy ass white guy pulled a Bron Bron and blocked the shit out of King James. I could watch this clip all day long and never get sick of it, just like the one where Bronny flops like 10 times in under a minute. I have no clue if this win/loss does anything for the rankings but I hope it does somehow.

PS I love the jerseys with nicknames, it spices it up. And I love that Plums is on Mason’s jersey.




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