Fox Sports- Brandon Spikes has emerged from the cone of silence that normally surrounds the New England Patriots. It appears he has some things to say. The linebacker recently signed a free-agent contract with the Buffalo Bills and, on Wednesday, decided to light a match underneath the Bills-Patriots rivalry.

Hey Brandon, I don’t know how many things I would put “on my momma” if I were you. Being able to play for the Patriots is generally viewed as a great thing since they win a bunch and have Tommy Brady as the QB. You now have EJ Manual (I think) and a team that hasn’t done anything since the early 90s. So if you think playing for the most consistently good team in the NFL is terrible, good luck in Buffalo. The weather is worse, the women are uglier and the franchise is a joke. It really irritates me when celebrities or athletes complain about their lives. If things are truly that terrible then donate every penny you have to charity and start all over with a shopping card wrangling job at WalMart. Then when you make Night Manager after about 10 years or so you can sing “Started From the Bottom”. Fucking asshole.



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