TBO.com- Mike Calta doesn’t want to be known as “Cowhead” anymore. The Tampa Bay area radio host, who has used the on-air moniker since 1992, is dropping the name and changing his show’s title from “The Cowhead Show” to “The Mike Calta Show.” The renamed show will continue to air weekdays from 3 to 7 p.m. on WHPT-FM 102.5 The Bone. “I’ve been using this name since my early days at The Power Pig where Cowhead fit in with Boner, Big Woody, Stretch Marks, Booger, and many other ridiculous radio monikers. But at 42 years old I think it is time to evolve … The show will continue to be as entertaining and sophomoric as it ever was, it will just now be known by a name that will make it easier to embarrass my children at school!,” Calta said in a news release announcing the change. A top radio personality in Tampa for the past 21 years, “Cowhead” has enjoyed top ratings in the afternoon drive slot on WHPT. To bury the Cowhead name, Calta is hosting a sold-out “funeral” comedy roast Thursday at the T. Pepin Hospitality Centre in Tampa, featuring comedians Jim Florentine, Greg Fitzsimmons, Jim Norton and others. Also expected to attend: “Late Show With David Letterman” writers Justin and Eric Stangel, former pro baseball player Wade Boggs and WWE wrestler Fandango.

Many people outside of the Tampa area won’t know anything about this story, or really give a shit, but it’s a pretty cool deal around here. Cowhead easily has the best radio show in this market and most likely in the entire state of Florida. In Your Face with Drew Garabo is a close second for me solely due to how he handles his callers who try and punk him out daily and fail miserably. The Billy Madison Show rules but I have to give it a slight bump because they are syndicated from San Antonio. But I digress. I am in fact going to this funeral/roast and I am fucking jacked I got an early ticket because this thing sold out in 13 minutes. I have become friendly with some of the guys on the show and that work for the station so I will be calling in any and all favors I can to get a picture with Mr. Boggs and some of the comedians. Norton and Florentine are hilarious, also Robert Kelly is opening so that should be great since he and Calta are really close. I love roasts and I hope this one is as vicious as the one’s on Comedy Central. I will give a full report on how good or bad it is and also post the pic with Boggs so can Ken have something to jerk it to. I will not however be taking a picture or going anywhere near Fandango, I will be in a good mood and don’t need his good looks ruining anything for me.

If you want to watch the roast go to Cowheadtv.com, donate 10 bucks (to colon cancer charity which is what all the proceeds go to) and you can watch it live and unedited. Also on iheartradio 102.5 the Bone is their station if you like all funny talk radio, they have it in spades.


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