Daily Mail- He is often coy about his relationships, and certainly hasn’t spoken about his current squeeze. But there was no denying Leonardo DiCaprio’s affections for his Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend Toni Garrn as they kissed on the beach in Bora Bora on Friday last week. Leo, 39, wore a pair of blue trunks as he held hands with his bikini-clad girlfriend Toni, 21. Toni, who has posed topless in her modeling career, took off her bikini shot as she prepared for a day of sunbathing. Later the pair were seen kissing as Toni flung her arms around the Wolf Of Wall Street actor. It was the calm before the storm for the pair who later enjoyed a weekend of music and drinking at the Coachella festival.

Fuckin’ Leo. Greatest life in the world outside of Jeter. Actually he may even have a better life than Jeter because Leo has to show up to a movie set every so often during the year while Jeets has to work out and play a ton of baseball. But I guess in the end it’s pretty even. Pretty fucking happy to see that Leo and I have something in common, that body. Getting married and having a small baby will do wonders the an in shape body (by wonders I mean terrors) so I find myself now part of the skinny fat world. And as stated on Barstool Leo is now the king of all of us. So in the words of Paulie Walnuts (skip to 2:40)

Now let’s all take a quick peak inside of “The Life”

Now some NSFW




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