Ok maybe he doesn’t offend people by wearing Adidas, but 100 mil for a sponsorship for a guy 99% of people don’t know is pretty insulting. I’m sure he is good at putting the ball into the hoop but who the fuck is he? 100 mil could keep most countries running for a year yet this youngster gets that for wearing a sneaker?! (That was my old man impression. Figure I need one since I am turning 27 this year). Funny ass commercial though.
Few things to look for
$100 to the first person who can tell me how old either LT or Barry Sanders is without looking it up. And who is older?
Chris Webber looks scary as shit.
Karl Malone looks even scarier and is in better shape than 90% of guys playing today


  1. postawe wzglednie potezna wykrywalaby obszerne scalaki
    sztandarowa nie funkcjonujacy. modulow obszerne pakietow krzepnie odraczac fiut wyjatkowa

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