Can’t hide behind your computer anymore and be a nameless faceless complaining consumer anymore. You will get called the fuck out.

This dumb bitch Elle decided to call out US Airways on Twitter and they weren’t havin’ none of that shit. They got your money you dummy, you think they care what you think now? They apologized once and gave her the option to shut the fuck up, but she had to push it like a self important bitch will tend to do. You shake the cage one more time and *BAM*! Airplane in the pussy pic right across your face. Eat it. And don’t pretend like you didn’t deserve it because you 100% did.
Now US Airways is scrambling to act like something went haywire in the system and they can’t believe that something like that happened, but I guarantee it was a calculated move on their part. For the price of buying this idiot a few round trips across the states they have effectively ended all twitter bashing about shitty delays and horrible customer service that people love to do when they’re sitting on a tarmac all fucking day for no reason.

This is a complete Jesse move what is about to happen, I just feel like we always post the unedited stuff, whether it’s good looking or not so much, so here are some pictures of my favorite things and then the unedited NSFW airplane tweet. Good luck.


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