Stick and move, Mac! Stick and Move!

You don’t take the presidency gig in NY without blowing up that god awful coaching staff. That’s a given. I think even Isaiah Thomas could come back and make that move before he gets fired for grabbing some skirt’s tit in an elevator. But now the two biggest questions facing the franchise at this moment will determine if they’re competing for titles every year, or playing ping pong with the rest of the garbage teams in the East. And the questions go hand-in-hand.
Does Phil Jackson fight through his injuries and coach this team and does Mello stick around for another contract?
I think if Jackson is the coach then Mello stays and who knows who else shows up? Would LeBron ditch Miami to finally play in NY and win rings 4-8? (Yes they’re winning again this year)
I’m a Cavs fan and for some reason I feel like I would love that team. They’d have to win at least 70 games a year right? Who would stop them? Rose’s knee? Pierce and Garnett’s 40 year old bodies? Part-time Wade and Bosh? A team from Indiana? Gimme a break. I’ve changed my mind. They win at least 75 games a year and Spike Jones starts making good movies again.

“Alright Bargnani! Get in there and give me some quality minutes!”



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