Terrelle Pryor Traded to the Seahawks and Al Davis Has Officially Left the Building

Posted: April 22, 2014 in blown call, breaking news, comedy, football, Free Agency, humor, manly humor, NFL Draft, popular culture & entertainment, Sports, super bowl, television
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$100 says this was incomplete

$100 says this was incomplete

Sporting News- The idea that quarterback Terrelle Pryor’s days in Oakland were numbered was something of a foregone conclusion by late last month. The question was when a move would be made, not if. The Raiders made that move on Monday night. Though Pryor would seemingly be happy to be out of Oakland, where offseason acquisition Matt Schaub is set to become the starting quarterback, he’ll be no more than a backup to Russell Wilson in Seattle. Pryor had indicated that he wanted to be cut or traded so that he could have a shot at starting somewhere else — which obviously won’t be happening with the defending Super Bowl champion Seahawks.

Not surprised at all that he is gone but it really does suck for a few different reasons. One is that he could be a Pro Bowl receiving TE or WR if he just forgot about being a QB and spent an offseason running routes. He is 6’6 and runs a 4.3 with hands the size of man hole covers (that’s the classic line, right?). He is built to be a WR but in a world where everyone wants to be a QB, he can have fun backing up someone that is 5’4″. Secondly it’s weird thinking that Al Davis’ last draft pick is out of the building. Not saying he doesn’t have other picks still around (Janikowski, Woodson, etc.) but Pryor was really everything that ol’ crazy Al looked for in a draft pick. Super human athletic freak, zero on field production. Finally just thinking about running a goal line read option with Pryor, McFadden and MJD is cum worthy. Of course if they are all hurt that doesn’t do shit so have fun winning rings in Seattle.

Al Davis Logic
Top 10 pick for a guy that can run a 3.5 but is blind? Draft them ASAP. Tall, somewhat mobile and has a cannon? Yes. But Al he can’t read! That’s fine, take him #1!

RIP Al Davis

Extra PS In a draft this deep I will gladly take a 7th rounder. The Raiders need help in every way so depth is never a bad thing.



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