In the Top 10 Baseball Players You Never Want to Fight

In the Top 10 Baseball Players You Never Want to Fight

ESPN- Albert Pujols reached 500 homers in a hurry. The Angels first baseman became the first major leaguer to hit his 499th and 500th homers in the same game, driving in five runs to help Los Angeles beat the Washington Nationals 7-2 Tuesday night. The three-time NL MVP connected twice off Taylor Jordan (0-3) — a three-run homer in the first inning and two-run drive in the fifth — to become the 26th player in big league history to reach the milestone. “It tastes better with a win,” Pujols said. “I knew this year, it was going to happen, whether it was tonight, tomorrow, two months from now. So my goal was just to prepare myself every day to try to help this organization win.” Pujols is the first player to collect his 499th and 500th homers in the same game, according to STATS. About three months past his 34th birthday, he’s also the third-youngest to get to 500; Alex Rodriguez and Jimmie Foxx were both 32.

When I was younger, not that long ago, when someone got to 500 home runs it was a front page news story. 500 fucking home runs. Less than 30 people in the history of the sport have achieved that accomplishment and Albert is the 3rd youngest to ever do it but thanks to the “Steroid Era” no one cares anymore if you hit the mark. I am a complete advocate for allowing steroids in baseball but I truly feel bad for Pujols. He has never been connected to juice or anything like it and he has been raking since day one of his career. But right now on the front of every sports website and paper (outside of St. Louis and probably some places in Cali) the main news is about the first round of the NBA playoffs that no one cares about and one was even NASCAR. Pujols wasn’t even a top headline on NBC Sports and there are like 15 of those stories on there. Sorry Albert, you are a giant of the game and will be in the Hall one day but today no one gives a shit you went yard for the 500th time. Thems the breaks these days.



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