CNN- Lupita Nyong’o is having quite the ride. The “12 Years a Slave” actress has won an Oscar for best supporting actress, signed a deal with cosmetics giant Lancôme to become its first black ambassador, and now People magazine has bestowed one of its highest honors on her – “Most Beautiful person for 2014.” The Mexican-born Kenyan beauty joins a cast of Hollywood A-listers who have headed the list, including Julia Roberts, Cindy Crawford, Tom Cruise and Beyonce. This year she topped others on the list including “The Americans” star Keri Russell, singer Pink and Johnny Depp’s future wife, actress Amber Heard.

I think People Magazine had their hearts in the right place for this, but this is not an emotional category. She was great in the movie ’12 Years a Slave’ and she won the Oscar for it which was well deserved but this is just horseshit. Is she repulsive? Of course not. Most beautiful in the world? Cooooommmmmee oonnnnnnnn

Just one look at the other 3 people CNN listed and you have better looking women. Amber Heard is fucking breathtaking. Yeah, she’s so hot I had to use the gayest word to describe her. Fucking Johnny Depp. All in all I’m sure it’s really nice for her to win but this is pure, outright highway robbery.

My choices for who should’ve won
Amber Heard
Blake Lively
Kaley Cuoco
And the Hottest Chick in the Streets Right Now…Emma Watson

She is cut your own dick off with a spoon hot.



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