I pray to God he doesn't read this post

I pray to God he doesn’t read this post

ESPN- An NFL running back at 52 years old? Herschel Walker says it wouldn’t be a problem for him. “I can play in the NFL today,” Walker told USA Today Sports. “I couldn’t take every snap. But running backs nowadays don’t play every down. Now they send in the choir section. “Physically, I can still do it.” Walker, who said he’s busy with several business ventures, isn’t thinking of comeback. The Pro Football Hall of Fame website lists Jim Thorpe as the oldest running back to play in the history of the NFL at the age of 40. Thorpe played his last down of football for the Chicago Cardinals in 1928. A physical specimen known for his grueling training regimen, Walker retired from the NFL following the 1997 season and has since taken up Mixed Martial Arts, winning both of his fights, the last coming in January 2011. Part of arguably the most-lopsided trade in NFL history in 1989 when he was dealt from the Dallas Cowboys to the Minnesota Vikings for five players and six draft picks, Walker rushed for 8,225 yards in his career.

Before I write any of this, Herschel doesn’t read Blown Call does he? No? Ok good. Will someone stop putting a microphone in front of this guy’s face? We get it buddy, you’re in the best shape out of anyone that has lived ever. You do a billion pushups and sit ups a day and have never had booze or drugs. Congrats, your liver is healthy and you’ve never had the joy of a black out hangover. But do you remember literally ruining the Vikings because you were great in college and did shit in the NFL. Could you play today? Of course you can, you’re still a large person, but that doesn’t mean you will be good. Emmitt Smith could strap it up and play a few downs but he would get his fucking bell rocked just like Herschel would. Go do your pull ups old man, fight some no name MMA guys and watch football like the rest of us and keep those “I can still play” thoughts to yourself.
Here is a link documenting how horrible that Cowboy/Viking trade was

PS I could totally still play WR on a high school team. Book it.



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