ESPN- New York Yankees right-hander Michael Pineda admitted to using pine tar on the baseball during the second inning of Wednesday’s 5-1 loss to the Red Sox at Fenway Park, but said he did it not to cheat, rather to ensure he did not hit anyone with an errant pitch.It was a really cold night and in the first inning I (couldn’t) feel the ball,” Pineda said. “I don’t want to like hit anybody so I decided to use it.” Pineda was ejected by home plate umpire and crew chief Gerry Davis after Red Sox manager John Farrell came out to complain about the shiny blotch on the right side of Pineda’s neck, which was clearly visible to television cameras broadcasting the game. “I fully respect that on a cold night, you’re trying to get a grip, but when it’s that obvious something has got to be said,” Farrell said.

Everyone just needs to calm down a tad, we’re talking about a guy who was looking out for the safety of others. It’s as simple as that. It doesn’t matter one fucking lick that the Red Sox were hitting in the first and he has allegedly used pine tar in the past. He couldn’t feel the ball and didn’t want to ruin someone’s life with a 95 miler to the dome. And about it being on his neck, he’s not a stupid fucking bafoon for doing that, he was just making it the most obvious thing ever that it was there so people would know. He wanted the million HD cameras pointed directly at him to see that he was doing the safest thing possible and adding some grip to the ball. Easy peasy Japanesey. Michael Pineda, the safety watchman of the New York Yankees. They should give him a god damn medal not a suspension.



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