Because he’s fucking Tori Hunter that’s why! After you win 9 gold gloves I guess you can pretty much just stare at the sun all day and spin around in circles out in right field if you want. I’m surprised he wasn’t kicking the tops off of dandelions when the ball was hit. Although I might have to draw the line at sitting Indian style with his glove on his head during pitching changes. Baseball isn’t all fun and games.

So here’s the video break down in case it’s too grainy: The ball is hit which he never sees, probably because it’s bright outside. He finally notices it in the air then sprints and dives to catch it, losing the sunglasses that were on top of his hat in the process. Then he picks them up and puts them BACK ON TOP OF HIS HAT! “Fuck You, I’m Tori Hunter.”

Yes I know the sun was at his back and not in his eyes. That doesn’t matter. Is the sun in your eyes all the way down the road when you’re driving? No, you wear them because it’s bright. They should be called ‘bright glasses’ but no one would buy them because that sounds stupid. And apparently owning AND wearing sunglasses on your head of all places does not guarantee that you’re using them correctly. But like I said, 9 Gold Gloves….do what you want.



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