I don’t know if this photo shoot happened before or after Donald Sterling’s “silly rabbit” was wearing a visor around town like the third member of Daft Punk, but if this is the new style I’m all in. I’ve never been a ‘style’ guy, unless you consider superhero/Yankee/Raiders shirts and black shorts a style, but I want to jump right in on this. Just futuristic visors for the haters and riverboat gambling ones for the beach. Throw in the Cyclops and or guy from Reading Rainbow’s Star Trek visor and you have something a little more sporty. Blown Call store will be opening soon with a Visor’s only section so basically start fucking with it or be left out of the cool group.
Also Kate Upton is really fucking hot.

Hottest looks in the game right now
That last guy gets TOO MUCH pussy, if that’s even possible. FYI for him, it is.


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