Is the second greatest drinking holiday after St Patty’s really dead? In my eyes, yes, yes it is. At first I thought marriage would kill off all my fun black out drinking but I was happily proven wrong. Did it cause a shit ton of fights that I didn’t remember but was the cause of 100% of the time? Yea but who cares, I didn’t remember. Enter child number 1. That really put a halt on the during the week drinking but with a sitter nearby I could still get smashed from time to time. Now we have a second on the way and the sitter isn’t too available these days due to her having her own life so I’m basically saying goodbye to Cinco this year. I will probably (definitely) drink tequila tomorrow with Ken for corn hole but I am sad that I won’t get to black out and try and fight a bunch of other guy’s for hitting on my wife (standing within 15 feet of her and minding their own business). Here is my tribute of hot Spanish girls and people being drunk.




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