ESPN- Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant was named league MVP on Tuesday, collecting 119 first-place votes. It had been widely anticipated throughout the league that Durant would earn the award for the first time in his career. Heat star LeBron James was second, with six first-place votes, while Blake Griffin, Joakim Noah and James Harden rounded out the top five. Behind Durant’s team-high 33 points, the Thunder advanced to the second round of playoffs with a 120-109 victory in Game 7 on Saturday against the Memphis Grizzlies. By avoiding a Game 7 defeat, Durant dodged the most uncomfortable MVP news conference since Dirk Nowitzki’s in 2007. Nowitzki was forced to collect his MVP trophy in ’07 after the Dallas Mavericks, who went 67-15 that season, were bounced in the first round by the Golden State Warriors. Durant led the league in scoring during the regular season with 32 points per game. He becomes the first player to win both the scoring title and the MVP award in the same season since Allen Iverson did it in 2000-01, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

Everyone expected this and now it’s official, Kevin Durant is the MVP of the NBA. Sure, LeBron could get the god damn thing every year because without him the Heat would be nothing, essentially making him the most valuable player in the league because that team wins titles. But Durant had a fucking great year and it’s good to see a guy from a small market take the award and it’ll be fun to see those two battle it out for more awards as the years go. How’s that one feel Trailblazers, Greg Oden doing pretty good for you? Yea, that’s a 10 year old joke, suck it.


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