Lions Fans Still Upset About “Pick Up Game”? Don’t Worry, The Pain Will Eventually Crush Your Soul

Posted: January 9, 2015 in Sports
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Yahoo Sports- It’s been nearly a week since Lions fans suffered through the torture of a controversial playoff loss to the Cowboys, but the bitterness of the Detroit faithful is continuing to manifest itself in entertaining ways. First, there was this heartbreaking report from a local bar. Then, a die-hard by the name of Dave Morian had to have a tattoo altered. Now, since all-caps Facebook statuses and exclamation point-laden tweets simply won’t do, a group of perturbed Lions fans have taken to the streets (or maybe it’s more accurate to say 40 to 50 feet above the streets) to air their grievances.

With a smattering of billboards strewn about downtown Detroit, an anonymous group has come up with an even more visible way to advertise their distaste for last weekend’s officiating in Dallas. The billboards, which the fans set up through outdoor advertising company Outfront Media, read “Detroit Lyin'” and feature stock images of football referees.


I just came up with Pick Up Game right on the spot. It’ll probably catch on like wildfire and I’ll be an internet god by lunch time tomorrow. Can’t wait.
I have to say as much as I want to be annoyed by all the bill boards I’d be lying if I didn’t completely sympathize with their outrage. Don’t get me wrong, buying a billboard to make a statement in a half abandoned half illiterate city is next level dumb shit but I get the desire to let your feeling be known. My teams have me so twisted and dead inside that I started a blog that no one reads and pound away on a keyboard praying for some kind of therapeutic mental relief. My depression has boiled over to the point that I have to see my thoughts in writing so when I eventually snap there will be some answers for my family and friends.
I was recently having a normal day not really thinking about any stupid Browns meltdowns when I heard a guy on the radio say he’s never seen an official make a call and then pick up the flag. And I agree, once the call is made, you should pretty much have to go with it. Then all of the memories came rushing back from “Bottle Gate.” The Browns ran a play and then then officials stopped the game and said the play before the last play was under review. That CAN”T happen. It’s a well known rule that once the next play is ran then the previous play can’t be reviewed. How can it happen? Why do the officials get to keep their jobs when it does happen? How does an official make a call on the field and then nothing happens? They normally can’t wait to make a pass interference call. I think their whole bonus is based on flags thrown percentage increases. They’re so in their own heads about this shit now it can be unwatchable at times. That flag NEVER gets picked up. Why now? In the Playoffs? Hurting the Lions and benefitting the Cowboys. Those are questions that will be haunting you Lions fans for decades. It’s like the death of a loved one. It never gets easier but you have more and more good days. You’ll always remember and sometimes you be overcome with rage. It’ll help to call a friend and talk about it. Maybe go to therapy, or better yet, start a blog.


In case you need to abuse yourself:

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