I Hate How Happy I am that the Browns are 2-3

Posted: October 12, 2015 in Sports
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Gary Barnidge pulls the ball in with his nuts to secure a late score on Sunday to help the Browns win their first game in Baltimore since 2007.

I stressed about the stupid Browns vs. Ravens game yesterday harder than any game so far this year. You know once your team goes 1-4 your season is done and there’s nothing worse than football season being over in the beginning of October. That’s exactly the scenario the Browns were faced with as both teams were 1-3 going into the game and fighting to stay relevant for one more week. Not only did the Browns some how stave off death for the immediate future, they gave their fans a reason to tolerate their families and coworkers for a couple of days. Nothing worse than when the Browns lose and you have to pretend like it doesn’t make you want to kill everyone you see for the next 48 hours. Then once you can see past your blind rage you still have to function as a productive member of society. Drive your kid to school while keeping the road rage cursing to a minimum. Maintain a professional relationship with your boss who’s a Bucs fan and for some reason thinks they’re a much better team. By the time you’ve willed all of your murderous demons into submission and can actually string 2 or 3 sane thoughts together in a row, it’s already next Sunday and the Browns still don’t know how to tackle or convert 3rd downs. BUT NOT THIS WEEK!!! this week the Raven fans get to hate their lives and we can all patiently wait until we might have to hate our lives for all of next week. God I love football season.

Unfortunately I don’t know how to have good weeks even when the Browns do win. I’m so surprised at my joy that I can only marvel at the fact that I’m not angry. So anyway it’s on to the Super Bowl for sure now that Josh McCown is the best quarterback in the world and Gary Barnidge is the greatest playmaker the league has ever seen.



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