My Life Is Getting in the Way of Valuable Witcher 3 Time

Posted: October 19, 2015 in Sports
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This is not so much a complaint as it is a cry for help and an attempt to drum up conversation for a game that was released 5 months ago that you surely love or never heard of. There is no middle ground here. Let me lay out the facts of the situation. I am an American male in my mid 30s who has been playing videogames since I was 5 years old. I found out my older sister had an Atari buried away in the closet that she didn’t care about; I dug it out and have been a lowly gamer ever since. But unlike those early days of little to no responsibility outside of dressing myself and peeing in a toilet, I have real life big boy responsibilities to deal with that can only be shirked for so long. I have job, wife, child, (with another on the way) home, bills and countless other (albeit less important) responsibilities that take up my time and energy each and every day. I want to be a loving husband, engaging father, valued employee, and all-round productive member of society. But how am I supposed to accomplish any of this when I absolutely 100% cannot stop thinking about playing the Witcher 3? How can I play cars with my 2 year old when I can’t stop searching for Cat Gear location videos on YouTube? How can I ask my wife about her day when all I’m really wondering is if there is another journeyman blacksmith in Novigrad that I can have craft my weapons while the other one is involved in his stupid dumpling dispute. Because I’m only level 17 and I have like 3 more levels to go before I can safely help him become a Master blacksmith, but I have sword needs in the meantime dammit! I’m a Witcher for Christ’s sake! I need my steel!!! (and silver)

Anyway this game has taken over my PS4 and nighttime “free time” (this doesn’t exist when you have a young child. All time you have away from said child should be used to prepare yourself for the next encounter you will have with the child i.e. wash their clothes, dishes, pack lunches, fix whatever they broke, clean whatever they dirtied, hide whatever they won’t stop messing with, and most importantly…sleep) But I can’t get NONE of that shit done when I need to make time to travel back to White Orchard to gather some balise fruit for a Killer Whale potion since none of the loser herbalists in Valen seem to be selling any.God I hate that any of this matters to me but it’s the current state of my life. I just need to power through this rough time until I can find some other less time consuming games to plow through. Next up will be the Uncharted Collection with short bursts of Star Wars Battlefront. I’m not even going to consider Fallout 4 until my firstborn is in college.

-Ken (devoted husband, loving father, Witcher for hire)

P.S. I can’t believe I wasted my time typing all of this when I could have been exterminating bandit camps and searching for guarded treasure. Valuable sleeping child time….


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