Would You Buy Nintendo’s Next Console If They Were Actually Serious About It?

Posted: November 8, 2015 in Sports
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Nintendo announced a new console earlier this year, (code named “NX) and it is expected to be revealed sometime next year. Industry insiders seem to think the NX will be some sort of home console that can also be used on the go. As usual, I’m not excited about anything they are doing and I don’t feel as if someone my age (34) is or has been their target demographic when it come to personally playing videogames. I understand that there are parents my age buying Wii Us and 3D’s for their kids but I refuse to believe they play any of that crap when the kids go to bed. I owned a DS when I was 25 and I felt like a creeper for it. Couldn’t play it in public. That’s my last fling with Nintendo besides the Wii which I’m not even going to count because every TV in America had one of those things hooked up to it at one point. That wasn’t real gaming. Swinging a controller around with my grandma, pretending we’re bowling in the living room is not a real way to describe gaming. And that’s finally where Nintendo lost me. It was with the Wii that I decided Nintendo was for kids and despite all of my early childhood love for consoles like the Nintendo, Game Boy, Super Nintendo and even the 64, that I had moved on and was surprised and angered that Nintendo wasn’t maturing with me. Companies like Microsoft and Sony had stepped in with systems that resonated more with what I wanted. (lots of violence and guns)

But years have passed and like millions of others out there my natural affinity for Nintendo still remains. The whole “Nintendo is retro” phase is almost near it’s end and it basically proved to me that there are people out there, including myself who would love to see Nintendo release a real, honest to god, not gimmicky console. It’s not like they’re out of the console game entirely either like SEGA. They could ACTUALLY do it if they wanted to. Imagine a Nintendo console that had a real controller that wasn’t all stupid looking and you didn’t have to swing it around or look at it while you played. I understand that Nintendo has been about the most innovative company out there when it comes to controllers by inventing features like the D pad, shoulder buttons, wireless technology that worked, standard analog, and probably a whole bunch of other crap that I’m forgetting. But imagine that they just designed a really awesome controller that used all of those features in a non gimmicky way. No nun chucks and giant screens for a gamepad. Am I open to a screen being on my controller? Sure, just don’t make it stupid and annoying like the Wii U. Imagine if Nintendo built a real network where you could connect with your friends and do all the shit you can do on Xbox live. Even  Sony’s network is totally fucked up and its a hundred times better than Nintendo’s. Imagine playing all of these awesome third party games on a Nintendo that are on PS4 and Xbox One. Playing the next Zelda AND Black Ops 3 on the SAME system?! Sign me up!

What I’m trying to say is if Nintendo made a real system that competed with Sony and Microsoft I’d totally buy it because deep down inside I’m still a fan boy and I think there are many more like me out there. I don’t believe there are any strong allegiances to these companies like there was back in the 90’s and the most recent console war is proof of that. Microsoft had won the last generation in the public eye (although I think Sony ended up selling more PS3s by the end of it) but this generation is being dominated by Sony so far. But I think Nintendo would be in the unique position to step in as a company that a lot of gamers loved as a child and would be willing to renew their allegiance to. If the system was any good I would in a heartbeat.

They could just call it Nintendo. No fancy name needed. I’d get behind Super Duper Nintendo in all honesty. They could even release it in their 5 different colors like they always do for everything now. I’d get an orange one. Or a throw back two-tone gray like the NES.


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