If You’re Happy for Anderson Varejao to Win a Title and You’re a Cavs Fan Then You’re a Loser

Posted: June 7, 2016 in Sports

There’s not much more to say than that I guess. Obviously the series is not over yet as the Cavs are only (only…🙄) down 2-0 in the series with the next 2 in Cleveland. But after that pathetic blowout loss in game 2 I’m not feeling very optimistic for the next few games. But more distressing than our defense/offense/effort is the sense I’m getting that some loser fans are already looking for the “brightside” or “positive spin” on the situation. Loser bullshit like “good for Andy, he deserves it.” 

I’m sorry to tell you but there is NO positive spin for any of this. The Cavs are getting their brains beat in and there are going to to be some serious changes coming next year. Does LeBron leave? I doubt it and I’m not even concerned about it. Does Love or Irving get traded? One of them does I bet. Whichever LeBron doesn’t want around anymore obviously. Will we get a real big? We fucking better. And maybe most importantly we get some heart. Some asshole with a chip on his shoulder who can contribute. An Igoudala type. 

A quick word about Andy: yes he was with the team for a long time and endured a lot and became a fan favorite because of his hustle and hair. But he also got paid a lot (horrible contract that to this day I can’t believe the Cavs gave him) got injured even more, can’t really score, is a middle of the road rebounder, and is overall not very productive. Actually the whole reason he was traded was because he isn’t good anymore. So now he plays garbage time with The Warriors and will probably win a title. Fuck ’em. He never helped us win anything. Maybe he’ll bring his ring back to Cleveland and show it to everyone! Won’t you be so happy to go see it? 



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