If You Gamble and Haven’t Made a Fortune on the Browns This Year then You’re a Mook

Posted: December 15, 2016 in Sports

Photo credit: LA Times

Not much to say past the title here but in case you’re wondering how to easily increase your wealth this or any Sunday make sure you’re taking whoever they play and the points. I don’t care if they’re getting 75 points. Browns haven’t covered in 2 months. Probably won’t for the rest of the year so even if they do once you’ll still be in the black come January. 

This has been a sad secret amongst Browns fans who’ve been watching this team all year. We’ve been almost too embarrassed to even talk about it and just hope no one will notice. I’m not sure the nation knows just how bad this team is. They know about the 0-13 record but not necessarily about the complete lack of competitiveness. The only saving grace is that you’re basically getting paid to be a Browns fan this year if you’re betting with your brain and not your heart. If you watch every week you know but if you’re the average schmuck trying to cover his rent in Louisiana you might be scared off by some of the shittier teams we’re playing. The Bills starting Tyron Taylor in a blizzard? They’ll cover, don’t worry. Bet everything you own. Steal money from your parents and bet it. They’ll understand and thank you. 

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