Browns About To Get Blown the Fuck Up…Again

Posted: October 3, 2017 in Sports

So I mentioned in a blog a few weeks ago that any Jets fan should be getting ready to kill them selves if Josh McCown ended up being their quarterback.  And just to be clear, I still believe this, but a few things have changed since then: the Jets are 2-2 and the Browns are 0-4 and will be squaring off on Sunday in Cleveland. Now I know you’re saying to yourself that I as the fan of the winless Browns should be the one killing myself, and while I’d normally agree with you I should just say that I guarantee you that I’m already dead inside. Actually finishing the job wouldn’t change anything. I’d still be in hell and my football team would still be the winless Browns. Isn’t that the definition of being dead? 

So this pretty much goes without saying but when McCown and the Jets come in on Sunday and embarrass the Browns there will be no other choice but to blow up the entire organization. Obviously all this analytics garbage doesn’t work and the only numbers that really count are wins and losses. It’s too bad because I like Hue Jackson for some reason, and I’ll miss him. Everyone else can’t get out of the building fast enough for me. 

So bet the Jets all day, no way the Browns even cover. Pick up McCownoff the waiver wire, and definitely consider him as a sneaky good, cheap QB play in Draft Kings this week. Don’t be scared away by the fact that McCown has never won in Cleveland despite having been their starting QB for a year. Browns can’t pressure him and can’t cover receivers so he’ll be picking the secondary apart the whole first half until the lead is up to 21, then he’ll just need to hand the ball off the rest of the game. 

Browns are actually favored this game which is a huge mistake. They could play 1,000 times and the Browns convincingly win zero. I know this isn’t technically college but the Jets should be favored by at least 17. 


  1. Johnny Ownership says:

    Are you sure that you don’t want that genius sashi brown making/deferring all of the picks next year?

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