Browns Win for the Second Time in My Son’s Lifetime. He’s in Kindergarten

Posted: September 21, 2018 in Sports

Sure it’s an exaggeration but since I honestly have no idea when the last win really was it might as well be true. Heres what I saw tonight: a QB that can make decisions, gets the ball out on time, and is accurate. Baker has a great arm and knows where to put the ball.

Ward gets another turnover, giving him 47 forced turn overs in the first 3 games. He has already proven to be an amazing draft pick.

Did you see those Field goals going through the uprights? Holy shit it was like the ball is meant to go right through them. Sure it looks like there’s plenty of room for a football to fit through but I was starting to have my doubts.

I am now too drunk to write now… Bye bye!!!

Go Browns!!

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