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Sooooo Zac Efron is so good looking that dressed as a chick, I’d for sure hit that. Also it’s very upsetting that Seth said he saw his dick on the set of ‘Neighbors’ and it has a girthy root. Not one thing about my dick has ever been described as girthy, especially the root.

And Seth Rogen as a chick…I’ve tagged a few that looked identical to that. Ew.


We’re late to the party because I couldn’t find a link for the whole video, YouTube took it down. So fuck it, here is the vine of Shovel Girl getting blasted with, you guessed it, a god damn shovel.

Instant update, here is the full video. Kinda boring until like 4:40. And that chick is now temporarily deaf in that ear (she did an interview with the Billy Madison Show today).


Fucking brilliant. The Beastie Boys are my favorite band and possibly the greatest rap group consisting of three Jews, one of which was Buddhist. May 3rd is MCA Day in Brooklyn and now that I know that I will be making sure I fly up there to celebrate.

RIP Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch
-So Whatchu Want
“Well I’m as cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce/ You’ve got the rhyme and reason but no cause/ Well if you’re hot to trot you think you’re slicker than grease/ I’ve got news for you crews you’ll be sucking like a leech”

For me personally, Kevin Hart is one of the top 3 stand ups out right now. His last 3 specials have literally killed and raked in the cash just like his movies that all open at #1 in the box office. But he is falling into that ‘too much exposure’ trap that a lot of people get sucked into. I completely understand getting your money while you can but you also don’t want people to get sick of you. He is fucking hilarious on stage and his movies are ok, his 2 minutes in 40 Year Old Virgin were probably his best, but all these little bits and appearances he does aren’t really good. He pops in and out of MTV Award shows like he owes them gambling money and he is forced to be there and now this commercial, it’s too much.


This is a longer interview but FULL of information. I’ve always known about Pharrell, like anyone else, and I knew he was a producer and sometime singer/rapper. I had no fucking clue how many hits this guy has written and produced. And now he is the top musician in the world with like 15 number one hits. Fucking unbelievable. He is absolutely a genius and talks about everything and anything Howard asks. If you have the time, listen to this.
Still hate that fucking hat.


Maybe she was fired from Glee and she definitely broke up with Big Sean (who is a very small person). All I know is she hangs out in Mexico in tiny thong bikinis. Go Raiders!
Thanks TMZ for the pics


Is the second greatest drinking holiday after St Patty’s really dead? In my eyes, yes, yes it is. At first I thought marriage would kill off all my fun black out drinking but I was happily proven wrong. Did it cause a shit ton of fights that I didn’t remember but was the cause of 100% of the time? Yea but who cares, I didn’t remember. Enter child number 1. That really put a halt on the during the week drinking but with a sitter nearby I could still get smashed from time to time. Now we have a second on the way and the sitter isn’t too available these days due to her having her own life so I’m basically saying goodbye to Cinco this year. I will probably (definitely) drink tequila tomorrow with Ken for corn hole but I am sad that I won’t get to black out and try and fight a bunch of other guy’s for hitting on my wife (standing within 15 feet of her and minding their own business). Here is my tribute of hot Spanish girls and people being drunk.