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Bleacher Report- According to the Associated Press (via, Emmy-winning sportscaster Dan Patrick will play the role of Alex Trebek on Sports Jeopardy!—a sports-themed version of the popular Jeopardy! game show. Produced by Sony Pictures, Sports Jeopardy! will begin airing this fall via Crackle, a Sony-owned digital service otherwise known for distributing Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. This means Patrick and company will not be aired on NBC like the original game show. However, this mode of distribution could lead to greater interaction for viewers. Sports Jeopardy! will be made available to viewers with PlayStations, Xboxes, Apple TV and Roku—a safe and cheaper conduit on Sony’s part. The biggest difference between Patrick’s show and the old show is a mobile app reportedly in development for the program. Users watching Sports Jeopardy! on their mobile devices will be able to download an application allowing them to keep score in real time. Other such mobile Jeopardy! score trackers have been developed but not in an officially licensed capacity or with access to the exact questions posed on the show. As a sports fan, all of this news appeals to me. Given his general manner and knowledge of the game, Dan Patrick is an excellent choice to fill in as “Sports Trebek.” Hopefully we’ll see some celebrity contestant editions of Sports Jeopardy! as well. Who wouldn’t want to test just how much they know compared to actual athletes and coaches?

So basically they just took what guys do every single day of their lives, challenging each other to sports trivia, and made it into a game show. And they picked the best possible host in Dan Patrick. There has never been nor will there ever be (outside of myself and Ken) a guy that is really fucking cool and a sports nut. His show is the only one on the DirecTv channel that probably gets any views and it’s a nationally syndicated radio show too. Great idea to not put it on TV because so many people get their television second hand via the internet and/or apps on smart tvs. I haven’t had cable in 2 years and I have to miss one episode of a good show or any news and I save a shit ton of money by just having internet. Can’t wait for this show so I can boom roast Ken on football trivia.




That’s the link that Twitter is providing, for it’s 8th birthday, so you can find out what your first tweet was. Of course you can find out what everyone’s first tweet was so that is what makes it more fun. Most people’s are “Hi Twitter” or “Still trying to figure this out” but mine could’ve easily been from last year or last week.

Just hungover and packing to head to the Big Apple. Pretty standard on the hungover part and excited to be heading to New York.

Here are a couple other people I follow on Twitter that had some good first tweets
Mike “Cowhead” Calta from The Cowhead Show on 102.5 The Bone (Tampa radio)

Billy Madison from The Billy Madison Show (San Antonio based radio show)

Big Cat from Barstool Sports

Ad Rock from the Beastie Boys

Happy Birthday Twitter! Thanks for giving me immediate access to radio guys, porn stars, sports information and what shoes Ad Rock wants to buy.

I couldn’t pull the video from YouTube because the video isn’t allowed in my country? Oh well, here is the link to Bleacher Report who posts the videos anyway. Thanks BR!


After everything I’ve posted today, this is the best way to describe how I feel


Because rugby is fucking awesome