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So this extremely sexy, youthful lady of the night pulled a fast one on an adoption agency and unfortunate couple. My guess is she was ski poling a couple dudes at a Red Roof Inn and Baby Mama happened to be on the TV and a very, very dim light bulb went off in her super methy head. She probably called up Lester Diamond and concocted the theory that no one had seen that movie in awhile so no one could possibly think she wasn’t really pregnant and wanting to give the gift of a child to a happy couple. And god dammit she was right. Now I lived in Bradenton awhile so this all makes sense, they are beyond ass backwards in every way throughout that town. Of course the story takes the turn it should have, this bitch is in jail and definitely not pregnant but it just sucks for the people wanting the baby. But I’m sure they are thanking┬átheir lucky stars a beautiful little kid didn’t fall out of that whore’s meat wallet. Woof.

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Side note, Baby Mama is a pretty solid movie. I’m a big time Tina and Amy fan.

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Rolling Stone released their 50 Funniest People of Right Now and the top 10 goes like this..
10. Kristen Wiig, 9. Bill Hader, 8. Lena Dunham, 7. Chris Rock, 6. Amy Poehler, 5. South Park Guys, 4. Jon Stewart, 3. Tina Fey, 2. Stephen Colbert, 1. Louis C.K.

And now here is my gripe about the top 10. Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart are basically the same person in my mind. I don’t watch either show but I guess they do the same ‘fake news’ but real news deal. So lump them together like the South Park guys and also lump together Amy and Tina. Sure they are separate people but they’re better together. Lena Dunham is supposed to be funny but I’ve watched her show a couple times and didn’t like it (or get it maybe) so she shouldn’t be there. Louis CK is definitely number one, he’s had that spot for years now and Chris Rock is so funny that he’s in the top 10 and hasn’t done anything in about 50 years. So here is my top 10 funniest people of right now.
10 Jerry Seinfeld- would be higher but he doesn’t do much other than Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee which is a great show
9 Alec Baldwin- not sure if he’s really funny, or just really fun to watch
8 Bill Hader- watch him laugh at his own funny bits, you will crack up
7 Tina & Amy- when they aren’t trying too hard, they’re great together
6 Anthony Jesilnik- his show sucks but his stand up/roasting is dark and great
5 Aziz Ansari- very underrated, great stand up
4 Chris Rock- makes watching Adam Sandler movies tolerable
3 Howard Stern- doing his best work in years
2 Kevin Hart- almost to the point where he is too accessible, but still hilarious
1 Louis CK- he is locked in right now, can’t do wrong