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Gotta love (hate) Bosh’s total disregard for the little worthless people who only exist to make his life more comfortable. I would be completely surprised of the towel boy was even allowed to look at him in the eyes. But seriously, why would he ever waste a half second of his life to acknowledge a poor piece of shit when he needs to focus 100% on letting Tony Parker shoot layups in his face and getting open three ball looks.

I’m not saying he needs to completely turn around and say “No thank you, Mike. I’m already adequately hydrated thanks to your attentiveness, how’s your kids doing by the way? Little Mikey Jr. get an A on his science project?”
But at least give the guy a grunt and a head twitch. Nothing worse than the dismissive hand wave.




He has everything in the world but he’s going bald in his 20’s. Such a shame. Now let me explain why it doesn’t fucking matter: A.) he has more money than God. B.) there’s no bitch tall enough to see the top of his head. C.) he can shave his head at anytime and look completely normal. I’ve never seen a black guy with a goofy looking head that shouldn’t be shaved. Doesn’t exist. White guys on the other hand; we’ve gotta be careful. There are some really jacked up white guy skulls out there that look more like a caved in cantaloupe than a head.