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Adam Schefter just reported on SportsCenter, Tony Romo will leave football and go to the booth. This is all good news if you ask me. First of all, the guy has kids and probably wants to walk when they are older. Makes sense. Secondly, he was most likely leaning towards the Broncos and that would’ve made this Raider fan really pissed off. Sure Romo is Mr. Glass in real life but when he isn’t getting touched/injured, he is a really good passer and could make them a monster threat in the AFC West. Thirdly, this motherfucker has made something like 150 mil in his career, who wants to wake up and get your face beat in when you have that dough,

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and this smile?

download (1).jpgWell two out of three is still pretty good.

Perfect storm for retirement. Goodbye Tony.




Variety- Neil Patrick Harris has a long history of success at the CBS network, from his starring role on “How I Met Your Mother” to his multiple Emmy wins for hosting the Tony Awards. So it should come as no surprise that CBS was interested in the multitalented actor to replace David Letterman on “The Late Show.” Harris confirmed the news on Wednesday’s Howard Stern show that, before CBS hired Stephen Colbert for the “Late Show” post, network chief Leslie Moonves and entertainment head Nina Tassler pitched him the idea of taking over for either Letterman in the 11:30 slot or for outgoing Craig Ferguson at 12:30. “They called me in and sat me down and asked if that would be something that I’d be interested (in),”’ he told Stern, revealing that the duo even served him “fantastic” sushi at Moonves’ New York office. “I felt like I knew what my skill sets were, and I kind of knew what it is that I wanted to do after the show with (Moonves), so I was surprised he pitched me that idea,” Harris adds. Harris ultimately declined the opportunity because he didn’t have much of an interest in hosting a nightly show for a long time. “I think I would get bored of the repetition fast,” Harris admitted. But Harris isn’t ruling out the possibility of a weekly show at CBS. In fact, he pitched the executives the idea of hosting a variety program in the vein of “SNL.”

I don’t really see why Neil Patrick Harris is the world’s darling but whatever. I mean he’s kinda funny playing a pussy crazed guy because he is gay but what else is there? Song and dance man? Give me Hugh Jackman over Neil any day of the week, the guy is fucking Wolverine for Christ’s sake (and still in the closet gay).


Gawker- Stephen Colbert will replace David Letterman as host of The Late Show. CBS announced the decision Wednesday afternoon in a press release, less than a week after Letterman’s announcement that he will retire in 2015. “Specific creative elements,” like the show’s location and producers, will be decided and announced at a later date, according to CBS. Colbert will retire his Colbert Report character when he takes over. From the Wall Street Journal:
CBS said in a news release that it had signed a five-year agreement with Mr. Colbert to take over its flagship show when Mr. Letterman retires next year.
Mr. Colbert, 49 years old, will retire the character he plays on his Comedy Central show—a sendup of Republican talk-show hosts—and will be himself as the host of the CBS show, the company said.

It could have been a number of people to take the spot from Dave but I think Colbert or Jon Stewart would be the best choices. They each have put up huge numbers for their shows, respectively, and they both air at night so the audience will follow. I don’t know much else other than the initial news but I bet the reason Stephen got the nod is because his contract was coming up and he is probably even cheaper than Stewart. I like the hire though because Colbert isn’t afraid to fuck around and make fun of anyone he feels like. Plus I think other celebrities like him and will feel comfortable talking to him and he brings a younger generation of viewers. The only thing that he could fuck up is the monologue but Fallon gets through it so he could be ok.



David Ortiz reportedly finishes 3rd in Boston mayor’s race

CBS Sports – In case you doubt the primacy of Red Sox baseball in Boston there’s this true, actual, verfiable fact on which to ruminate, (source:  WGBH news): According to the Boston Election Department, Red Sox DH/warrior-poet/2013 World Series MVP David Ortiz finished with the most write-in votes in the recent mayoral election.
I am undoubtedly one of the biggest Red Sox haters I have ever met. The thoughts of those loveable losers in Bawston losing every year and continuing the “Curse” was the best spank bank material a young me could ask for. That being said, I would absolutely love to see Papi running the city of Boston, or any city for that matter. Could you imagine the quotes and clips from every single press conference? Genius. And the possibility of Manny Ramirez making a comeback as his second in command. Double genius.