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untitled Ray Fisher has been cast as Cyborg in Batman vs. Superman, Variety reports. Fisher is known best for his theater roles including the Broadway play “Fetch Clay, Make Man” where he portrayed Muhammad Ali. This news confirms the rumor from earlier this year, which stated that Zack Snyder was looking to cast a black superhero. According to Variety, Cyborg will be a minor character in Batman vs. Superman, leading up to a bigger part in the future Justice League movie that Warner Bros. appears to be building up to.

It seems like every time there is news on the new Batman vs. Superman movie it’s been disappointing. Seriously, Cyborg? Who the fuck is this guy? And no offense to Ray Fisher but who the fuck is THAT guy? At least with Batman they went with a name people recognize, even if Affleck was a polarizing choice, they knew his name. But if you are going to throw in a character from the “Teen Titans” storyline that 8 people know about (and I had to check on Wikipedia) then use an actor that people give a shit about. I really understand using a black superhero because let’s face it, it’s been pale face city amongst these comic book movies, but using a rarely known character and actor is just a bad move. Were Damon Wayans (or Damon Wayans Jr) too busy that Blankman couldn’t commit? Big swing and a miss execs.