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A Possible Franchise Quarterback That OTHER Team’s Fan’s Actually Wanted?

A Free Agent Signing Whose Name I’ve Heard Of?

A Favorable Draft Grade Given By People Outside Of The Browns Front Office?

Where Are Teams Going To Pass Against This Secondary?

A Good Running Back NOT Past His Prime?

The national media is doing everything they can to tear the Browns apart for “mishandling” Manziel already. They need to destroy this kid and team before the season starts otherwise what was the point of building him up in the first place? I think for the first time in my life as a Browns fan I can say that I think the team has made enough moves in the offseason that will translate into wins during the season. They can’t fuck this up now. They’re signing talent, not just warm bodies. Coaching is important and all but somewhere down the line you need to have talent on your team and the Browns simply didn’t have much for too long. We get excited about a fucking kicker for Christ’s sake! Josh Cribbs was the most exciting player for years because he ran back a zillion kickoffs during his career. Now there’s actually a pool of talent to choose from when talking about team strengths. We’re either building a strong playoff contender or the 2011 Eagles. Thank god they cut Vince Young before he called us the “Dream Team Part Deux”


” Great party! Is your friend Herb gonna be here?”

Play this video while reading the article for full effect:

The Sports Xchange- Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon faces a season-long suspension for a positive marijuana test, his second violation of the NFL policy, according to an ESPN “Outside the Lines” report Friday.
Gordon told the network he was unaware of the report and directed all questions to Drew Rosenhaus, who said the information was not true.

Gordon, 23, is the top playmaker on the roster. The Browns passed on two wide receivers in the top 10 of the 2014 NFL Draft on Thursday, dealing their initial pick to the Buffalo Bills, who drafted Clemson’s Sammy Watkins.
Gordon was suspended last season without pay for two games, but returned to catch 87 passes for 1,646 yards, including back-to-back 200-yard games in 14 regular-season games.



This is why I was so excited last night. It’s the reason I went to bed with a stupid shit eating grin tattooed across my face and woke up with the most solid morning wood of my entire life. I had what Browns fans NEVER have. A perfect nights sleep. Woke up in the same position as I fell asleep in, but no limbs were numb and stinging me. Didn’t have to piss in the middle of the night. The temperature under the covers were comfortably nestled somewhere between a mothers womb and the guts of a sliced open tauntaun. Heaven. I even started off my day right. Watched ESPN and listened to The Really Big Show all morning basking in the glory and enjoying those shit heads in Connecticut being forced to admit that the Browns had a good first round. Even their digs and jabs didn’t phase me today. Watched the Johnny Football Press conference. Laughed and giggled. Held back tears. But knowing deep down in the pit of my stomach that the floor was about to drop out from beneath me. Didn’t know what exactly. Just knew there was a shit storm brewing and if I wanted to get out of the way I should’ve started running last week. Cleveland CAN”T fly this high. Not enough air up there for the entire city to suck down all at once. Plus we all took off so fast we forgot to pack parachutes. When we come down, we come down HARD. Then about 6:15 my phone exploded with texts while I was reading Goodnight Moon to my son and even without looking at the screen I knew it had happened. Each vibration in my pocket felt like another knife jab into my heart. Reality had caught wind of our escape and had quickly closed in on us like a pack of wild dogs. We all scrambled for cover, clinging on to whatever hope we had. “Rosenhouse said it’s not true!” “Browns would have drafted a WR if they knew!” “Gordon said he would change!!!”

So here we are with as far as I’m concerned a TE being our number one and plenty of good WRs left in the draft and we get a lineman. I understand we need to protect Johnny and should probably only draft linemen for the next 5 rounds but we suddenly have a glaring need on the outside. There will come a time when Manziel does need to throw the football and it’d be nice if his targets had better hands than an oak tree.

On the bright side, we will have the greatest offensive line ever assembled in the history of the world. Farmer did say the league is changing. Let’s hope that means every play is a QB sneak behind 10 guards.


Happiest I’ve been as a Browns fan in 12 years. That’s why it doesn’t matter if he buys a mountain of cocaine and ends up face down dead in a toilet tomorrow morning. I will go to bed a happy Browns fan tonight. Didn’t even think it was possible.



Skip Bayless. That’s it. I’ve literally tried 4 times to start this blog and I don’t know what to say about him. He’s an annoying asshole on TV but that’s his character and that’s why he has a shit ton of money. It works. He and Stephen A. Smith (played better by Jay Pharoah on SNL) are basically just two old guys (white and black) who disagree on literally everything. Football, basketball, the color of the fucking sky. The one thing they agree on is when they get weird about religion on air and make the athlete/rapper they have on stage really uncomfortable. All that aside, if Skip Bayless likes someone to the point of no return and I am a GM, I will not draft them. He would’ve murdered someone to get the point across that he thinks Tebow can win a Super Bowl. And that’s last week. He STILL thinks Timmy has the best QB skills of all time. Look how that turned out. Tim beat the Steelers and then got sodomized by Tom Brady and the Patriots in the second round of the playoffs and he hasn’t played since. Now Skip thinks the same thing about Johnny Football. Ruh-roh. Drake doesn’t have enough swag to pull him out of that nonsense. Bayless is the Cooler of the NFL draft which means that anything hot and exciting that gets touched by his seal of approval is destined to fail. Sorry Johnny, you had a good run.

PS Fuck Skip Bayless having a 90 year old women’s face and a jacked body. Go eat a donut and maybe you will see why Tebow can’t be a real NFL QB


Crack Attack!!!

PFT-It’s been known for a year that the Browns will unveil new uniforms next year. Beyond owner Jimmy Haslam explaining that the helmets won’t change, details have been scant.

On Tuesday, Browns president Alec Scheiner provided an update on the process, which will culminate on the sheet being pulled off the new uniforms right before the 2015 draft.

“We’ll have cutting-edge uniforms that link back to our history,” Scheiner told Bull & Fox of 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland on Tuesday. “I’m really excited about our direction. We’ve been working with the NFL and Nike for almost a year now. We have another year until we roll out our uniforms. I’d be very surprised if our fans don’t love our new-look uniforms.”

The Browns will become at least the sixth team to undergo a significant redesign since the NFL partnered with Nike in 2012. Two of the new uniforms (Jaguars and Buccaneers) are not attractive. The Seahawks’ uniforms looked iffy at first; stellar play since the helmets, jerseys, and pants were unveiled has caused most to warm up to the duds. The Vikings’ new uniforms amounted to an upgrade, notwithstanding the too-trendy matte finish on the helmet and the unconventional numbers. The Dolphins’ had a dramatic logo overhaul as part of a more subtle shift in the overall uniform.

If the Browns plan to link back to their history, there’s not much of a uniform history to link back to. When the team was initially founded, the numbers had a shadowing effect, which was trendy about 20 years ago — and which could mean it’s time for it to become trendy again. The uniform hasn’t changed that much since then, with periodic orange pants and brown pants and at one point an ill-advised orange jersey.

In the interim, Browns fans who have set aside the funds to buy a new jersey in 2014 may want to wait to make the purchase until next year.

For Browns fans, waiting until next year has pretty much become a way of life.

Obviously the most glaring problem with the Browns is their old and boring uniforms. I can’t even begin to count how many games have been ripped from the win column because of that stupid brown and orange stripe on the leg. Just last week I was telling a buddy that you could literally have a monkey at quarterback so long as there was a badass glow in the dark, brown and neon orange camouflage print coving the entire jersey. But I figured, “What do I know? I’m just the dummy who forks over $500 on a Sunday afternoon to go to the stadium to have my heart palpitate from uncontrollable rage.”
But it looks like the top dick bags in Berea have the same idea which means the Browns are definitely fucked. Control what you can I guess. It’s not all that different from the fact that when my check engine light comes on I wash the car and change the wipers and hope the problem goes away. When you don’t know shit about what the real problem is why not shine the turd?


If you’re gonna do a uniform change then just bring back the gigantic shoulder pads and giant neck rolls. Nothing more intimidating.

Being Bo doesn’t hurt either…

McDaniels Seen Here Sitting on a Fat Dick

CLEVELAND (AP) Josh McDaniels’ second chance as an NFL head coach won’t be with the Browns.

McDaniels, labeled a favorite to take over in Cleveland, removed himself from consideration for the Browns’ opening Wednesday, a person familiar with the decision told The Associated Press. McDaniels pulled his name after learning he was not the front-runner for the job, said the person who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation.

ESPN first reported McDaniels’ withdrawal.

McDaniels interviewed with Browns owner Jimmy Haslam and CEO Joe Banner last weekend, when the Patriots had a first-round bye in the AFC playoffs. McDaniels, fired as Denver’s coach in 2010 after 28 games, confirmed he met with the Browns but did not elaborate on the interview and said “I’m fortunate to have the job I have and I love being here. I love doing what I’m doing.”

Look, I’ve been a lifelong Browns fan for some godforsaken reason. I can safely say that I am an authority on spotting a retarded coach or completely incompetent front office. The worst of the worst has been employed here. Pat Shurmur. Romeo Crenel. Butch Davis had a goddamn panic attack and quit on the spot. The list goes on but I’m not trying to write a book here. The point is, Josh McDaniels is a poster boy for shit coaches; he has the locker room destroying capabilities of a Lane Kiffen or Todd Haley, the drafting prowess of a Matt Millen and a career winning percentage worse than Eric Mangini. And this stiff was even a consideration?! Fucking ground hog day in Cleveland. Can’t wake up from this nightmare.
But in all honesty, this whole story stinks and it sounds like the Browns are covering their ass in some way. It’s like the loser kid who asked out a disgusting girl to the dance thinking there was no way she would say no, and when she did he turned it around and said she couldn’t deal with competing against all the other ass he had waiting on hand. It’s nice to know the dumb fucks running the team I love have the maturity level of a 7th grader.