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All Access- COX MEDIA GROUP Talk WHPT (102.5 THE BONE)/TAMPA has upped Content Manager and MIKE CALTA SHOW Executive Producer JOHN BRENNAN to Dir./Branding and Programming, overseeing all programming operations for the FM talker. VP/Market Manager KEITH LAWLESS said, “In his previous role as Content Manager for WHPT, JOHN demonstrated his clear understanding and vision for this unique format. I am confident in his leadership capabilities and proud to have JOHN in this important role.” BRENNAN said, “I am extremely excited to be named the Director of Branding and Programming for 102.5 THE BONE. THE BONE is one of the most unique stations in radio, with some of the most polarizing and talented personalities in the world, and I get to work with them every day. I am honored that KIM GUTHRIE, STEVE SMITH and KEITH LAWLESS have such confidence in me to continue the great success of this station. I feel genuinely lucky to be working for a Company that encourages such originality and creativity!” VP/Programming STEVE SMITH added, “He is a natural leader, and I believe he will take this groundbreaking talk station to the next level.”
If you are on the west coast of FL and you don’t listen to the Bone, you just suck. They are an all talk station, literally midnight to midnight is all talk, and every show has something for everyone. Bubba the Love Sponge in the morning doing Bubba stuff, Billy Madison Show after him is aimed perfectly at the college age group, Drew Garabo in middays talking 80s hip-hop and berating his idiot callers, the Mike Calta Show is the anchor of the station and appeals really to everyone, then a few other shows after that either from replay or new local talent. John Brennan has been on the Calta show for as long as I’ve listened as an on-air/behind the scenes guy and now that he is in charge of programming for the whole station I think it only gets better from here. He’s a really nice guy and I think has the right mindset to give the people what they want with the current shows while also adding in new shows to fill the cracks. (aaaaaaand my blowjob for the Bone is over at the moment. Carry on)