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I love this list because it always makes me laugh. GMs and Executives always think they are so fucking smart signing someone who has a big year or two to a decade long contract where the biggest pay days are WELL past their primes. Let’s break down some of the more interesting people on the list.
Floyd has basically dominated the list every year since Tiger got divorced.
Crisitano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi being 2nd and 3rd makes since because people who have never watched soccer know how good they are. Simple as that, worldwide stars.
Aaron Rodgers being the highest paid football player may not seem right to some people but I don’t mind it. 40 million for last year is a little nuts for on the field performance but he is the face of the NFL. He is the future and he will be a/the top QB for years to come.
Matt Stafford, Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco being in the top 10 is fucking great. These are the guys who cashed in on a few good years (only Flacco has anything to show for it) and are now banging the buttholes of their teams cap limits. Good job boys.
The Phillies have 3 guys in the top 25 and they are in last place. I honestly don’t think Ryan Howard and Cliff Lee even play baseball anymore and I refuse to look it up for the correct information. There are 6 guys above anyone on the Yankees at all so all those “you buy your players” people can suck a dick under a bridge. (Thank God A-Rod is suspended and doesn’t count)
Gilbert Arenas. He may not be in the top 25 total but he is the 3rd highest paid NBA player and WASN’T IN THE LEAGUE. There is always someone like that and this time it’s Gilbert. Play on playa.




Well that’s the type of girl you give a million dollar ring and automatic Lambo after you pound another chick’s asshole and get caught. I always wondered


Forbes- The top earning NBA basketball players from 2013 are:
1) Kobe Bryant- 64.5 mil (30.5 sal/34 endorsements)
2) LeBron James- 61.1 mil (19.1 sal/42 endorsements)
3) Derrick Rose- 38.6 mil (17.6 sal/21 endorsements)
4) Kevin Durant- 31.8 mil (17.8 sal/14 endorsements)
5) Dwyane Wade- 30.7 mil (18.7 sal/12 endorsements)

Everyone could have guessed who the top guys were without seeing the list but some of the numbers I think should be changed. Obviously, all in all, they are getting paid stupid amounts of money but it is being given to the wrong people. untitledI think Kevin Durant is one of the most marketable guys in the game. He looks young, can’t see any of his tattoos, and he is the second best player in the league. The shitty part for him is that he plays in fucking Oklahoma.

Wanna buy shoes from this guy? FUCK NO

Wanna buy shoes from this guy? FUCK NO

Derrick Rose looks like a scary little thug but since he is in Chicago he gets a lot more money from companies like Adidas and shit. If those two are walking down a dark street, I am going to run either way, but I would most likely ask the guy who is 6’400 than Derrick Rose. So whoever is paying him needs to throw their money at Durant because he is the more bankable guy. Kobe has been in the game long enough and fucking eskimos with no TV know who he is. Pay the man. And LeBron has the personality, the talent, the “cool factor” so it would be retarded to not give him all the money you have in the ad budget. Dwyane Wade really confuses me too. He seems like a dud. He tries to be cool and funny but even in that deodorant commercial he seems like a robot. Must be getting paid a dollar for every extra step he takes before a dribble.
Sure give him  more money

Sure give him more money

PS Two of those guys were hurt (Kobe and Rose) and Rose didn’t even play a second. Once again, take all of your money from him and give it to Durant.


images EL SEGUNDO – The Los Angeles Lakers have signed Kobe Bryant to a two-year contract extension, it was announced today by General Manager Mitch Kupchak. Per team policy, terms of the contract were not released. “This is a very happy day for Lakers fans and for the Lakers organization,” said Kupchak.  “We’ve said all along that our priority and hope was to have Kobe finish his career as a Laker, and this should ensure that that happens.  To play 20 years in the NBA, and to do so with the same team, is unprecedented, and quite an accomplishment.  Most importantly however, it assures us that one of the best players in the world will remain a Laker, bringing us excellent play and excitement for years to come.”

Better get the banner guy on the phone, he’s going to have some work in the next couple years. By the Lakers resigning Kobe to a contract extension that tells me he looks great coming back from that injury. They think he will be good for the next few years and I guarantee they have some back door (Kobe pun intended) deals set up where Melo or Bron Bron is headed to the city of Angels to bring home another ring or two. Kobe will be on the court in a fucking wheelchair before he retires with less rings than Jordan. And I really hope he has a stipulation in this contract where he gets another 20-something million dollar check at one time. Black Mamba just doin’ the Black Mamba.

If you saw this story happened in El Segundo and didn’t think of this song, never return to this blog again