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ESPN: Raiders to Vegas

So the day of reckoning has finally happened and my Oakland Raiders have finally made it official. I have extremely mixed emotions about this because I grew up in Buffalo and Florida. I’ve never been to Oakland, or even west of the Mississippi, but I love the Raiders with all that is in my soul. Being 29 I first grew to love them as the LA Raiders. Didn’t know or care what Oakland was. It was Jeff Hostetler and Tim Brown and little Jesse rooting on team after team coming in at .500 or below. Then they moved back to Oak-town. And honestly I was a little pissed. Sure I was striking out in t-ball at the time so I had major issues, but I didn’t like change. It didn’t seem cool to leave flashy, fancy, “Laker” LA and move to crumby Oakland. Shit just reading that it still doesn’t. But I grew to love the gritty, crazy, fucked up world that was the little brother to big, bad San Fran. Now that I am older, grayer, fatter and raising a family, I never really thought the Mark “the Hairdo” Davis would have the sack (or money) to pull the trigger and I’d be watching OAK on tv for the rest of my days still bragging about the 3 rings we won before I was born.


Jump to present day and I am a part of the Las Vegas Raiders Nation. Even though it’s the same team, the same coach, the same GM, they will never be the same. They won’t win on a shitty field covered in dirt. There won’t be gang fights in the parking lot, generally between two Raider fans. They just won’t seem as tough and that’s what I will miss the most. Even going 2-14 year after year, they at least seemed tough being in Oakland. So Good bye Black Hole. Hello Black Hole, the stripper that will be on stage at every club on the strip come football season 2020. ┬áBut along with a shiny new stadium comes the Super Bowl, Pro Bowls, big ticket boxing matches and UFC fights, WWE events. All things that never happened in O.Co. And the inevitability of the Fertitta brothers and Dana White buying the team a year or two after the stadium is built.

Oh well.

Let’s just see if the city will allow them to play until the lease options are over. Word on the street is they want the whole crew the fuck out of dodge asap. That will add a very interesting wrinkle into this already fucking crazy story line. Until next time children.





I am ALL for making gambling legal. I’m not going to get into a political debate or rant but if you make hookers, gambling and (nation wide) weed legal, and all regulated and taxable, the US would have about 10 quintillion dollars in about a month. Every guy loves pussy and gambling and if weed is legal more people would smoke just because it’s sometimes easier than pounding shots of Turkey. But all that aside, Mayweather is fucking awesome. Hate the guy because he has the Biebs with him ringside or hate him because he hits women, but don’t hate his fucking gambling game. They say he is worth 80 million liquid. Liquid. That is cash. He bets 50k like we bet 50 cents. So when he bets on the Super Bowl he literally changes the fucking odds and lines. Think about how much power that is for one man to do that who isn’t Italian and from a Scorcese movie. Love the guy, love the strategy, fully taking his pick. Broncos -2 all day err day.

PS But only psycho paths or guys with 80 mil in cash bet that much on a half.