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Everyone knows that people on social media are fucking nuts. Here is a mild example
Just a simple shout of to your favorite hot actress. Please do porn. Clear and straight to the point. Will she? Maybe who knows, at least he put it out there.

Then there is the other side of the spectrum where people say things, that only the sickest people in the world think, so everyone and anyone can see it online forever. Delete the tweet, go ahead, it’ll still be out there somewhere. Right here in fact.

Gotta give this kid credit though he really knows EXACTLY what he likes. Fuck him until his eyes fall out, stick them in your pussy, then force him to suck them out and swallow them. Some guys like a quick BJ some guys like this. Don’t judge.



Yes you read that correctly, and no it is nothing like what you expect. This is a sequel to a very stupid song, but this time it’s a RAP version. Let that sink in. And the video is set in spaceship full of super hot girls. And a line in the song references his daughter twerking. You have not just been mind fucked, but do watch the video and wonder what just happened.


Clearly you clicked on the blog for the picture, so you know it’s NSFW, mostly because of her eye brows



Probably coming out a little too hot with the second ‘Is She Hot?’ but that’s what we do here at Blown Call. Miley Cyrus, was hot when she first turned 18 and had long hair, refused to do drugs and probably had only been with like 19 guys. Now she’s on all kinds of drugs, fucked up her hair, and forced me to tell myself over and over “That is a girl, even though she has a boy body and haircut”

Pros– Loves drugs, probably won’t say no to anything sexually, pretty eyes, pretty face, loves to be naked, obsession with corn (it’s good)
Link to NSFW photos




Cons– Attempts to twerk way too much, looks like Justin Bieber, acts ghetto while using a fake Southern accent, most likely has taken a bath with Billy Ray last month, no boobs or but to speak of, has grinded on Juicy J




Let me hear it people, Miley Cyrus, is she hot?



That escalated very quickly Miley Cyrus..


ImageThis is going to just be a random post, but I just want to thank Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and all those crazy ass bitches that are out there. I am a new dad to a little girl and because of these women out there that are just batshit nuts, I have a clear cut picture of what I don’t want my daughter to become. In the ’80s it was just “Hey don’t let her become a stripper or Madonna” and the rest was just unknown. But now there are so many shitty examples of how a Disney star, indie singer, dancers, etc can turn bad it’s obvious now that I just need to force my daughter to be an engineer or mathematician. The worst that can happen from there is she becomes a fat cake designer and most likely a lesbian. Free cake and no dongs, double jackpot if you ask me.


Oh and I would give up naming rights to my next child for a threeway with these two. An 8 ball, bottle of booze and those two would be the greatest night ever.