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So this morning on my slow crawl to work down the NJ Turnpike, I’m listening to Boomer and Carton like I always do. A caller brings up the “epidemic” of NBA stars resting during nationally televised games and robbing the fans of seeing LeBron flop like a fish and Steph Curry chew on a mouth guard, or shoot a 100 threes or some shit. Carton has the best take I’ve ever heard (title recall kids, that’s what brings in the big bucks), he said if the public i.e. fans, the media, everyone, didn’t make such a huge fucking deal about ‘how many rings do you have’ then this wouldn’t even be a thing. Is LeBron the best ever? By all accounts he could be when he is done playing. Does he have 6 rings? Maybe not, so clearly he isn’t the best. Shit Kobe was essentially a corpse being drug up and down the court for a few games a year just so he could try and get that 6th title…I say 6 because no one counts Russell’s 11 since he was playing against a bunch of accountants every night. Good for him, but it doesn’t count.


So if we didn’t measure every single fucking thing an individual player does based on titles no one would care as much. They would want to be out there chasing the most points scored, or most assists, or most rebounds. Basketball gets the biggest beef because when one star sits it’s a much bigger difference in the game, but every sport is like that. Brady has 5 rings, now he is better than Montana. He probably was anyway. A-Rod only got one so he can’t be better than a lot of other guys, or Griffey didn’t get any so he didn’t achieve what he was supposed to. Shit in your hat and eat it.



But that’s not the world we live in and it won’t be changing anytime soon. So get used to the star players taking random rests and get used to fans hating the NBA more and more than they already do.





So I’m sitting here waiting out the Celtics vs. Hawks game (just an appetizer before the Warriors game where I’m absolutely convinced Curry will somehow leave the arena in an ambulance by the 2nd quarter) and I’m watching stupid Kelly Olynyk running up and down the court like a fucking goon and I’m reminded about how much I hate his entire existence and the idiotic argument that what he did to Kevin Love in the playoffs was somehow an accident. It’s just an insult to anyone with a shred of common sense and two eyeballs that he didn’t absolutely rip his arm out of socket on purpose. The most common argument is that Olynyk is just a big clumsy goofball that doesn’t have control over his body and he accidentally latched onto his arm and fell. These are the same assholes who will try to tell you with  a straight face that Brady doesn’t deflate footballs. They just hide behind the good fortune that has befallen them and will bitch like everyone else when a call goes against them. Let’s not kid ourselves. They are just doing what any other fan would do. It’s like how Ravens fans were able to stand behind Ray Lewis all those years. There’s no way they could actually feel good as a person for cheering for him, but they lie to themselves because they know it’s their only chance to win. They buy their kids a murder’s jersey, and pretend they’re a respectable human. But I get it, I would do the same thing if I ever had a player on my team worth cheering for. It’s all part of being a fan. You sell your soul for winning. I’m prepared to do it. Just get me that cheater/murder/rapist who is good enough to win me anything and I’ll be on board.

But anyway my point is that Kelly Olynyk is a piece of shit and if he really is a clumsy oaf, then where are all of the other season ending injuries he’s caused  other players? Where is the pile of broken arms he’s left in his wake due to his inability of properly block out an opposing rebounder? Surely he would be injuring  other players on a nightly basis if he was clumsy enough to dislocate a shoulder trying to “get to a loose ball”?

Oh, he’s only ever done that to one player? In the last game of a playoff sweep where he was being dominated for the first 3 games and he was frustrated? Where he was so mentally dominated that he just decided to resort to the most bush league tactic in the history of sport and he intentionally hurt another player? Oh yeah, that’s what happened. I almost forgot. Kelly Olynyk is a pathetic goon and if JR Smith doesn’t sucker punch him in the back of his head in the first 3 minutes of the game the next time the Cavs play the Celtics then I will be greatly disappointed.





Love how they gave you you the “Billy” reminder to jump start your memory when you were trying to figure out why the hell there was an old wrinkled Jew on your TV screen NOT named Donald Sterling while you were watching a Clippers game.

Almost makes me wish I still had a VCR so I could fire up City Slickers. But sadly I threw my VCR away because City Slickers was the fucking movie that melted inside of it and ruined it.

Everyone has a VCR ruining movie and even if you at one time loved it you now hate it because it’s the reason why your $200 VCR is sitting on top of your trash can with 4 miles of tape spilling out of the front flap. Clerks ruined another VCR of mine, and to make matters worse it was a rented copy from Blockbuster so I had to buy them a new one. Fuck old technology. It took up too much space and cost me a fortune.


-please visit my eBay page, I’m selling my X Files complete series VHS set. If you don’t want to watch them then they can be stacked up and used as furniture.

ESPN- Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant was named league MVP on Tuesday, collecting 119 first-place votes. It had been widely anticipated throughout the league that Durant would earn the award for the first time in his career. Heat star LeBron James was second, with six first-place votes, while Blake Griffin, Joakim Noah and James Harden rounded out the top five. Behind Durant’s team-high 33 points, the Thunder advanced to the second round of playoffs with a 120-109 victory in Game 7 on Saturday against the Memphis Grizzlies. By avoiding a Game 7 defeat, Durant dodged the most uncomfortable MVP news conference since Dirk Nowitzki’s in 2007. Nowitzki was forced to collect his MVP trophy in ’07 after the Dallas Mavericks, who went 67-15 that season, were bounced in the first round by the Golden State Warriors. Durant led the league in scoring during the regular season with 32 points per game. He becomes the first player to win both the scoring title and the MVP award in the same season since Allen Iverson did it in 2000-01, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

Everyone expected this and now it’s official, Kevin Durant is the MVP of the NBA. Sure, LeBron could get the god damn thing every year because without him the Heat would be nothing, essentially making him the most valuable player in the league because that team wins titles. But Durant had a fucking great year and it’s good to see a guy from a small market take the award and it’ll be fun to see those two battle it out for more awards as the years go. How’s that one feel Trailblazers, Greg Oden doing pretty good for you? Yea, that’s a 10 year old joke, suck it.


Happy 29th today to Chris (and Cliff) Paul. Chris threw himself a nice party last night on the court catching fire and going 8 for 9 from long distance. And make sure you watch the video and check out these shots. They’re middle of the bucket cannon balls. A few are so center cut the net barely moves. Would have really liked to see him keep shooting even after he missed his first three ball in 9 attempts. He had another 5 for 7 in him I think.

I’m not really sure where this series is headed. I honestly did not see the Clippers rolling in and destroying OKC like that. Sure the Thunder had another hard series against the Grizzlies but game 7 was a blow out so they shouldn’t be that tired. And besides, the Clippers HAVE to be gassed after everything that’s happened to them in the last 2 weeks with Sterling and their 7 game series against the Warriors. So that means there must be matchup problems somewhere for the Thunder. Westbrook usually plays pretty well against Paul and Chris usually doesn’t hit 8 threes in a night either so I’m saying this is a stolen game by a superstar. Griffin will win a game, and so will Durant and Westbrook. So that evens the series at 2 apiece. Where do the other 2 wins come from? I feel like Griffin will literally fight his way to a narrow win outside of his massive double-double stolen win or JJ drains a 3 at the buzzer. I feel like Rivers is the better coach in the series so maybe another win swings their way. Never thought I’d talk myself into thinking the Clippers make it to the Western Conference finals.


For me personally, Kevin Hart is one of the top 3 stand ups out right now. His last 3 specials have literally killed and raked in the cash just like his movies that all open at #1 in the box office. But he is falling into that ‘too much exposure’ trap that a lot of people get sucked into. I completely understand getting your money while you can but you also don’t want people to get sick of you. He is fucking hilarious on stage and his movies are ok, his 2 minutes in 40 Year Old Virgin were probably his best, but all these little bits and appearances he does aren’t really good. He pops in and out of MTV Award shows like he owes them gambling money and he is forced to be there and now this commercial, it’s too much.


Ooooops. Don’t know how this game is going to end but if you blow a 20 point lead and then get the ball stolen for an easy layup to tie it with 4 seconds left then you deserve to lose every time. Just not sure the Thunder have enough sense to stop shooting themselves out of this game.


Update: Grizzlies win by a split second. Not like Prince was fouling or anything though….

All ball man! All ball.

Ray Allen has this shot off with 3 seconds to spare