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Nintendo announced a new console earlier this year, (code named “NX) and it is expected to be revealed sometime next year. Industry insiders seem to think the NX will be some sort of home console that can also be used on the go. As usual, I’m not excited about anything they are doing and I don’t feel as if someone my age (34) is or has been their target demographic when it come to personally playing videogames. I understand that there are parents my age buying Wii Us and 3D’s for their kids but I refuse to believe they play any of that crap when the kids go to bed. I owned a DS when I was 25 and I felt like a creeper for it. Couldn’t play it in public. That’s my last fling with Nintendo besides the Wii which I’m not even going to count because every TV in America had one of those things hooked up to it at one point. That wasn’t real gaming. Swinging a controller around with my grandma, pretending we’re bowling in the living room is not a real way to describe gaming. And that’s finally where Nintendo lost me. It was with the Wii that I decided Nintendo was for kids and despite all of my early childhood love for consoles like the Nintendo, Game Boy, Super Nintendo and even the 64, that I had moved on and was surprised and angered that Nintendo wasn’t maturing with me. Companies like Microsoft and Sony had stepped in with systems that resonated more with what I wanted. (lots of violence and guns)

But years have passed and like millions of others out there my natural affinity for Nintendo still remains. The whole “Nintendo is retro” phase is almost near it’s end and it basically proved to me that there are people out there, including myself who would love to see Nintendo release a real, honest to god, not gimmicky console. It’s not like they’re out of the console game entirely either like SEGA. They could ACTUALLY do it if they wanted to. Imagine a Nintendo console that had a real controller that wasn’t all stupid looking and you didn’t have to swing it around or look at it while you played. I understand that Nintendo has been about the most innovative company out there when it comes to controllers by inventing features like the D pad, shoulder buttons, wireless technology that worked, standard analog, and probably a whole bunch of other crap that I’m forgetting. But imagine that they just designed a really awesome controller that used all of those features in a non gimmicky way. No nun chucks and giant screens for a gamepad. Am I open to a screen being on my controller? Sure, just don’t make it stupid and annoying like the Wii U. Imagine if Nintendo built a real network where you could connect with your friends and do all the shit you can do on Xbox live. Even  Sony’s network is totally fucked up and its a hundred times better than Nintendo’s. Imagine playing all of these awesome third party games on a Nintendo that are on PS4 and Xbox One. Playing the next Zelda AND Black Ops 3 on the SAME system?! Sign me up!

What I’m trying to say is if Nintendo made a real system that competed with Sony and Microsoft I’d totally buy it because deep down inside I’m still a fan boy and I think there are many more like me out there. I don’t believe there are any strong allegiances to these companies like there was back in the 90’s and the most recent console war is proof of that. Microsoft had won the last generation in the public eye (although I think Sony ended up selling more PS3s by the end of it) but this generation is being dominated by Sony so far. But I think Nintendo would be in the unique position to step in as a company that a lot of gamers loved as a child and would be willing to renew their allegiance to. If the system was any good I would in a heartbeat.

They could just call it Nintendo. No fancy name needed. I’d get behind Super Duper Nintendo in all honesty. They could even release it in their 5 different colors like they always do for everything now. I’d get an orange one. Or a throw back two-tone gray like the NES.


This is not so much a complaint as it is a cry for help and an attempt to drum up conversation for a game that was released 5 months ago that you surely love or never heard of. There is no middle ground here. Let me lay out the facts of the situation. I am an American male in my mid 30s who has been playing videogames since I was 5 years old. I found out my older sister had an Atari buried away in the closet that she didn’t care about; I dug it out and have been a lowly gamer ever since. But unlike those early days of little to no responsibility outside of dressing myself and peeing in a toilet, I have real life big boy responsibilities to deal with that can only be shirked for so long. I have job, wife, child, (with another on the way) home, bills and countless other (albeit less important) responsibilities that take up my time and energy each and every day. I want to be a loving husband, engaging father, valued employee, and all-round productive member of society. But how am I supposed to accomplish any of this when I absolutely 100% cannot stop thinking about playing the Witcher 3? How can I play cars with my 2 year old when I can’t stop searching for Cat Gear location videos on YouTube? How can I ask my wife about her day when all I’m really wondering is if there is another journeyman blacksmith in Novigrad that I can have craft my weapons while the other one is involved in his stupid dumpling dispute. Because I’m only level 17 and I have like 3 more levels to go before I can safely help him become a Master blacksmith, but I have sword needs in the meantime dammit! I’m a Witcher for Christ’s sake! I need my steel!!! (and silver)

Anyway this game has taken over my PS4 and nighttime “free time” (this doesn’t exist when you have a young child. All time you have away from said child should be used to prepare yourself for the next encounter you will have with the child i.e. wash their clothes, dishes, pack lunches, fix whatever they broke, clean whatever they dirtied, hide whatever they won’t stop messing with, and most importantly…sleep) But I can’t get NONE of that shit done when I need to make time to travel back to White Orchard to gather some balise fruit for a Killer Whale potion since none of the loser herbalists in Valen seem to be selling any.God I hate that any of this matters to me but it’s the current state of my life. I just need to power through this rough time until I can find some other less time consuming games to plow through. Next up will be the Uncharted Collection with short bursts of Star Wars Battlefront. I’m not even going to consider Fallout 4 until my firstborn is in college.

-Ken (devoted husband, loving father, Witcher for hire)

P.S. I can’t believe I wasted my time typing all of this when I could have been exterminating bandit camps and searching for guarded treasure. Valuable sleeping child time….

IBT-After numerous rumours and a big leak, Sony has confirmed that a PlayStation 4 port of smash-hit survival action game The Last of Us is on its way.

The company acted after the game mistakenly appeared in an advert on the PlayStation store before it was was hastily taken down.

A Sony rep told Mashable: “SCEA [Sony Computer Entertainment America] can confirm The Last of Us Remastered is coming to PS4, and we’ll be sharing more details with you shortly.”

First revealed last month by PlayStation Eurasia software market manager Sercan Sulun the game will include the critically acclaimed Left Behind DLC and be available to purchase both physically and as a download.

According to the earlier advert the game will be released at full price, despite the fact that the core game will be a year old by the time of its release. An adds that it includes “full 1080p, higher resolution character models, improved shadows and lighting, in addition to several other gameplay improvements”.

The Last of Us Remastered will also include a commentary track from the cast and developers.

Developed by Naughty Dog, The Last of Us follows two survivors across a post-apocalyptic US torn apart by a devastating fungal plague.

The game won more than 200 Game of the Year awards in 2013 and was many people’s best game of the last console generation. It is thought that the game will go down as a landmark moment for the industry because of its superb design, story, writing and acting.

A film version has been confirmed by Sony. It will be written by Neil Druckmann.


So I jumped ship from Microsoft and decided to get a PS4 for this generation of consoles. But because there are barely any games worth playing out yet, I’ve mostly been using it to watch while mixing in some Tomb Raider and Battlefield 4. I’ve gotten a couple good sessions of Fez and Steam World Dig under my belt too but I’ve been craving a new amazing game that I’ve never played before. And while The Last Of Us is not a new game on the market, It’s definitely new to me and I cannot wait to get it! I almost bought a shitty old PS3 from a shady pawn shop like a degenerate just so I could get a taste of some Uncharted, Beyond 2 Souls, and Last of Us. But cooler heads prevailed, and I got outta there when they started asking for my phone number and fingerprints and shit. I don’t need to be on record for buying what is probably a defective and almost certainly stolen PS3 from some Jamaican sitting on the other side of bulletproof glass with a shotgun aimed at my dick during the entire transaction. No tanks, mon. I’ll just wait until this summer to finally play it.


Firefighters seen here bringing gasoline inside to finish the job

Kansas City Star-Smoke alarms alerted two sleeping men to a fire in central Olathe around 3:30 this morning, according to an Olathe Fire Department press release.
Before firefighters arrived, one of the men went back into the home in the 800 block of East Loula to get his game console.
He inhaled smoke while trying to retrieve the system. He was checked by paramedics and is OK. No other injuries were reported.
When firefighters arrived, flames were raging out of large picture window. Firefighters quickly brought the under control, and despite single-digit temperatures, were able to keep water lines flowing.
An investigator is working to determine the cause of the fire. Although a loss estimate in not yet available, fire and smoke damage was extensive throughout the one-story home.

The word ‘hero’ gets thrown around an awful lot, but in this case…..

We’ve all been there. You’re in bed trying to fall asleep and your mind just won’t shut it down. You wonder things like “Would the people of 1930 be impressed with my 2000 Chevy Cavalier if I could somehow take it back in time with me?” Or, “How can I get paid to masturbate without donating my juice?” But most commonly we wonder things like, “Who or what would I run into a burning building to save?” I know I’m a piece of shit but I came to the conclusion early on that I would step on my dogs’ neck if it would help me get out the window faster. So pets out of the equation, it leaves my wife and son. So of course I walk through lava with them on my back to save their lives but if I have an extra hand on the way out the door I’m at least going to check if my Xbox is a pile of melted plastic. You’re going to need something to do at the hotel you’re living in for the next month unless you have hotel lounge money. I do not. And maybe the most terrifying thought as you’re running naked into your front yard out of your burning home is whether or not there’s even a game in the stupid thing.


This guy in the story is only crazy if it’s an original Xbox. We are all assuming it’s the Xbox One but even the 360 is worth some minor burns and moderate smoke inhalation. The Kinect can burn….

Most Racist Stock Photo Ever? Maybe.

GAMEVISION: China is lifting its ban on video game consoles. The country banned them in 2000, claiming they damaged young people’s mental health. Companies like Sony and Microsoft can now build and sell their consoles in Shanghai’s free trade zone.

Good move here China. Welcome to the end of all your growth and productivity as a nation. Say goodbye to the next generation of your youth because videogames are going to wreck their lives. The rest of the world (minus any other communist, videogame banning state) has experienced the growth and refinement of gaming in real time, therefore we’ve been able to properly cope with things like ultra-realistic graphics, online gaming, chatting, and oh lord the thousands of hours of Call of Duty. You can’t just spring this kind of shit on kids all at once. The last time they legally played on a console they were a plumber looking for a bunch of stars and a stupid princess who can’t stop getting kidnapped to save her life. (Ok, so nothing ever changes with Nintendo) These kids are going to be so overloaded that they will have to quit 3 or 4 of their day jobs (2 of which are probably assembling Xbox’s and iPhones) just to keep up with the amount of gaming they will need to do to survive. And you know they’ve been making Xbox parts since they were 8 so they are dying to know what the damn thing does. It’ll be mutiny when they find out they’ve had a hand in creating dream boxes for the rest of the world’s children all the while being denied from partaking in the fun themselves. The entire world’s economy is in serious jeopardy now. Now it makes sense why Mountain Dew flavored Cheetos are being released right now. Those companies will be printing money by the time this is all over with.



ESPN- Dez Bryant buys PS4s for shoppers. Christmas came early for several shoppers at a Dallas Walmart, with Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant playing the role of Santa Claus. Bryant showed up to purchase a Sony PlayStation 4 on the night of the new video game system’s launch and decided on a whim to purchase one for several other shoppers who were waiting in line. The PlayStation 4s retail for a little more than $500. At local video game stores across North Texas, gamers waited outside for the new PS4 to be released.

So many times I read this story and I replaced “shoppers” with “strippers” even though this had nothing to do with naked chicks. Just seemed to fit better with Dez. But how else could you gain favor with your fans after a few shitty games than to buy them the new PS4? Solid move by Dez. Since I couldn’t be there to enjoy the spoils I would just appreciate some fucking YAC for my fantasy team. Asshole.

And I don’t care if Hitler and his smug ass moustache comes through Wal-Mart while I’m in line for the PS4, if he buys me one, maybe I don’t hate him as much. Especially if he gives me his gamer tag and I can play him online. Because at that point I can then tell him what dudes in jail are doing to his mom while I run for 5 TDs and throw for 3 more with Terrell Pryor.