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Gotta start this off with all the information. I do not watch college basketball unless the Gators make the tournament and also make it to the Sweet Sixteen. So I have no clue what a “good game” should look like. But this game fucking sucks. UNC is awful shooting the ball. I’ve watched them miss 1 billion 3s. Gonzaga looks slightly better but also like they don’t really know what’s going on. Lot of fouls. Just a very ugly game. Maybe it’ll get better but I doubt it.

download “Baaaahhhh fucking kill me baahhhhh”

Also what the hell does a fucking ram have to do with a Tar Heel? Why can’t colleges get their shit together. Gators. Fighting Irish. Bulldogs. Cocks. Easy, simple names. The Tar Heels? Although a great hat when I was a kid, why do they also have a ram? Why not just be the rams from North Carolina? Or the tabacco field workers? Those sons of bitches are probably as tough as 10 rams…Also what I hate are the Stanford fucking trees, Auburn Tigers/War Eagles and Alabama Roll Tide aka Elephants. Can’t we just cut Alabama loose and call it a day?

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download (2).jpg Ok she can stay.

This is my angry post because I’m sick and I hate everyone. Unless I win my bracket with a UNC win, then I only hate a few people.



Look closely kids; here we have a perfect example of the “My Man Goes” girlfriend. And she’s being filmed in her natural habitat. Which is basically anywhere you will get your ass pounded into the dirt and the next time you see her will be in an iPhone video on the internet getting stuffed by the thugs who murdered your face earlier that night. These chicks always seem like a perfect catch right? She likes sports? Check! She wants to hang out with your friends? Check! She remembers who the Cavs drafted in the 2nd round in 1997? Check! She can drink me under the table? Checkmate! You can’t buy her a ring fast enough. But not so fast Mr. Sensible guy. You have a job you like? She’ll tell your boss to fuck straight off at the company Christmas Party. You live in the same town as your ex and sometimes run into her in public? She will fight that bitch in the road and somehow dent your hood in the process. You watch sports at a bar? Not anymore you don’t! She will let everyone know exactly how fucking stupid they are and will describe in detail how badly you want to beat everyone’s ass in the bar. And if you’re stupid enough to actually take her to a game? She will go top rope from 3 rows back on an entire section of Oklahoma fans and kick everyone in the face on the way out of the stadium. Every version of this video I’ve seen has a stupid song dubbed over the sound but I guarantee the only thing you hear is “Fuck Bama! My man’s juiced!” Even if that’s not her exact words, it’s what she’s saying.
Now don’t get me wrong, there is a girl for every man out there. If you’re “Bar Fight Guy” then this chick is your soul mate and promoter. She picks your opponent; (biggest mother fucker in the state who just tried to buy her a drink) sets the venue (bar bathroom or parking lot) and sets the odds. (“Oh, he’ll kill you, he watches UFC all the time!” You are now 47-1 to last 3 seconds) If you could trust her with more than $2 (these skirts are notoriously horrible with money) then you could have her taking bets.


Have You Seen Me?

Because I know it’s bugging you: Cavs 2nd round draft pick in 1997 was Cedric Henderson out of Memphis. He probably still plays in some 3rd world country.