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Oh my god did this kid deserve to get kicked in the head. I can’t believe he didn’t get knocked out though. You gotta think that train conductors around the world have been waiting for an opportunity like this for their whole lives and once you finally get it, you NEED to at LEAST snap some vertebrae. That kid should have been knocked out cold followed by 7 minutes of silence until he wakes up wondering where he is and puking all over the place. But regardless, every one who takes selfies deserves to get kicked in the head with a boot by a guy on a train passing by. Let’s hope this is the beginning of a trend.


Not to be too porny today, but when something like this falls in your lap you don’t push it away. Blake Bortles (potential #1 overall pick) has one of the hottest girlfriends in the game. Here are her nude leaked selfie photos. God I love the internet. I am also book ending this post with normal pictures of her so when it shows up on Facebook it’s not a naked picture. You know, for the kids.





When you are a hot girl who has never won a race, is told that the only way you can win is if everyone doesn’t show up (good ol’ Richard Petty), and it’s right before the biggest redneck festival of the year (Daytona 500) your only real option is to “accidentally” send out a nipple shot and divert everyone’s attention. Smooth move Ferguson.

Not much but enough to get the engine's pumpin! (Redneck joke)

Not much but enough to get the engine’s pumpin! (Redneck joke)


Probably hiding more than cameras in the bottom of lake

Yahoo News-Fisherman, Stephen Garnett, pulled in a long lost waterlogged camera with photos amazingly still intact, from the bottom of Lake Tahoe. As reported by KTVN Channel 2 News, Stephen’s fishing trip not only netted lake trout, but also treasured memories belonging to Jana LeVitre, who had lost her digital camera in 2011 while sailing in the same lake.

LeVitre, a Utah woman, told The Salt Lake Tribune, that when her waterproof digital camera went overboard into the 150 to 200 feet deep water, “I realized I’d just have to remember [the pictures] in my mind. I never expected to see them again.”

That is until last week when Stephen pulled the camera out of the lake’s waters. “I’m lookin’ in the water going, ‘What is that,’ and I thought it was a cell phone. So I pulled it out, no it’s a camera,” Garnett said. The fisherman brought home the Mackinaw he caught as well as the camera and showed it to his wife, Jamie Clark.

A photography hobbyist, Jamie had a special interest in the catch. “It has water in the little viewfinder where you see the pictures and it’s rusty,” Jamie explained. Then when she looked closer she found a functional memory card and excitedly recalled, “Oh my gosh! There’s 1,065 photos on there.”

Amazing when this kind of thing happens. Feel good story of the year, blah, blah, blah…
This could have gone horribly wrong for the camera owner. It’s very likely that a camera sitting on the bottom of a lake contains images of infidelity or murder. Or even worse, hundreds of selfies. My bet is that there are 3 or 4 dead bodies, a couple knives and a gun right next to where they camera was. And if there aren’t a dozen cock pics from the fisherman on that camera then I don’t know anything about fishing.


We live in a time where we have the ability to make anything float. We’ve conquered sinking, people.

This kind of thing doesn’t happen by accident. Keep digging around down there. This woman might be a serial killer who is on the verge of being caught. Don’t let up now! This is her car accident and her bone is sticking out of her arm! Don’t give her your shirt!