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Ducks coach Bruce Boudreau seen here celebrating after center Nick Bonino nets the OT series winner

To be honest, I turned the game off with 4 minutes left and said, “This game is over, Dallas did what they needed to do. Get it to 7.”
Then of course and hour later when I was laying in bed looking at my phone instead of sleeping like usual I noticed they lost in OT. Brutal way to end the season.
But the most annoying part is that I turned it off right before it happened! What the hell is wrong with me?! I KNOW the last 2 minutes in a playoff NHL game are the best thing on TV any given night. ESPECIALLY if it’s a 1 or 2 goal game. ESPECIALLY if it’s a potential closeout game. Goddammit what’s wrong with me?! I watched most of the game up to that point just to see the Stars grind it out and save their season for one more game. And then I blew it all for what? Cause I had to piss and figured I might as well go to bed anyway?! Bullshit! Completely inexcusable. I’m that stupid asshole walking out of game 6 in the NBA Finals last year trying to beat traffic and talking about how we just didn’t have enough this year. Except it’s WORSE because I’m in my own stupid house with zero traffic and no lines in the toilet! Dumb dumb dumb. Just dumb.

-Dummy Ken Dumb Head