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I could write a huge essay about why this movie was shit but it would be just as much of a waste of time as it was to see this hunk of crap. I’m sure it was fun to make and to be on set but it didn’t translate to the screen. And I’m not comparing it to Schindler’s List and The Godfather. Just take this and compare it to the other R rated comedies of the past few years (most featuring Seth Rogen in some way) and it just doesn’t hold up. It seemed too forced, too unnatural, and just off. And a bunch of times it was noticeable they cut parts of the movie out so they could fit everything in to a certain time frame. Half of the funniest parts in the trailer aren’t even in the movie itself. Save your time and just go see Spiderman 2 again.

PS I still would give an arm and a leg to party with Zac Efron during his drinking/coke days. That would be a fucking hell of a time.
PSS And if Efron isn’t in Magic Mike 2, Channing Tatum is as dumb as he looks because that kid was made for that kind of movie, not this.



Howard has been on fucking FIRE with his interviews lately. He’s the only guy in the world who can do an hour with Louis CK then turn around and do another hour with Seth Rogan and each interview is fucking hilarious. I love Seth because he is super talented and rich but seems like he could be a buddy of yours.



It’s going to be a very Howard filled day today. James Franco has always struck me as a very weird dude that just tries to be super fucking cool. But then again if I was a good looking dude (kinda) with millions of dollars I would probably try and do anything and everything I ever wanted too. Go back to school? Sure, no pressure. Teach? Fuck it why not. Make weird ass art then write books about teachers sleeping with kids? I love to drink and that seems fun as a drunk thing. Ask out a chick that told you she’s under 18 on social media? Eh I’ll probably skip that one.

This movie looks really good, but I hope it doesn’t suffer from the “We put all the funny shit in the trailers so people will show up and then are disappointed” syndrome. Too many comedies give away all the jokes so when you get to the actual film, drop 50 bucks on tickets candy and soda, and you don’t laugh, you will hate the fucking movie. It could be hilarious but save a joke or two people. A comedy with Seth Rogen and Zac Efron is going to make money regardless, let it be the “sneaky” hit like the Hangover. That trailer showed a bunch of hungover guys, Mike Tyson and a tiger and it made a billion dollars. Here are the two restricted Red Band trailers, one that is international and one that is for the good old US of A.

To be forced to stand next to this guy is suicide worthy

To be forced to stand next to this guy is suicide worthy

Zac Efron may be too good looking. Just too much buddy. Also I bet he was a fucking RIOT when he was on coke. Just to be the clean up guy in his crew is better pussy than a Saudi prince would see.


Wow this is pretty shitty. Ramis was only 69 but he passed away today from a very rare blood vessel disease. He is responsible for some of the greatest comedies of all time and he will very much be missed. Here is a list of some of his best work. Patton Oswalt tweeted it out perfectly

Animal House
National Lampoons Vacation
Ground Hog Day
Analyze This and That
Bedazzled (Elizabeth Hurley never looked better)
and of course Back To School

Jimmy Fallon was given the keys to the kingdom so to say, basically job security for the rest of his natural life or however long Questlove can stay above ground. Last time this was supposed to happen NBC royally fucked over Conan and Jay but this go around only Jay got the finger up the ass. Never before has a guy who was in first place in the ratings been given the boot TWICE, but I digress. I think Fallon is what you need for the younger crowd who are sick of Leno’s Clinton jokes. No one cares anymore big guy, move on, other people have gotten blow jobs since 92. I may not have always like Jimmy but he is definitely refreshing and always willing to mix it up and take chances the other guys won’t. Plus the Fallon vs. Kimmel late show battles can go on forever so that will be fun. Here are some clips from his first show, one has all the cameos from his celeb “friends” (which Leno never had), another has him and Will Smith doing the Evolution of Hip Hop Dances or something which is pretty funny.

Tina Fey looked way hotter than Mariah Carey. Tracey Morgan looks fat as fuck. Colbert rules!

Big Willy Style needs to hit the cardio, looked a little gassed out there