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It’s time again to celebrate another iconic mustache that have been giving men’s hair follicles raging hard ons for years. And let’s be perfectly clear here, no sane modern woman actually likes these monstrosities or would even stand in the same room alone with a creep wearing one for longer than 3 minutes. But this isn’t for women. Mustaches aren’t about trying to look good for a woman. It’s about saying “look what I can do” to men. You drive a Maserati? Eat a dick, I have more mustache than you. See how it works? Either you have it or you don’t. Any man can buy a car. Only a superior specimen could hope to grow a full mustache. So here’s to Burt Reynolds whose been making our faces feel like worthless, hairless blobs of pasty white featureless fat bags for years.

Look at that care free, easy like Sunday morning ‘stache.

I still remember the first time watching Smokey and the Bandit. 11 year old kid, on some late night Saturday watching TV with my dad who also was sporting a mustache. (His was more of the full rounded Selleck model even though he slightly resembled Reynolds himself. Probably the most handsome man to ever walk the face of the earth.) There were a few things that really stuck with me. 1.) Sally Field used to look acceptable 400 years ago. 2.) Jackie Gleason was a comedic genius. 3.) I want to be Burt Reynolds when I grow up

Don’t be on the other end of this scope. Mustache doesn’t miss.

Still more manly as a frail old bag of bones than 99% of the NHL

He looks like a completely different person with out the ‘stache. I almost couldn’t sit through Deliverance because of it. Not because of the backwoods rape scene. That was fine.


Speaking of Easy Like Sunday Morning, honorable mention goes out to Lionel Richie