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There are two situations that every man has found himself in that he is forced to lie. Sure, you want to be truthful as much as you can in life (right?) but there are just a couple instances when you are with a woman that you HAVE to lie, I just want to ask which one sounds more believable. Let me lay the scenarios: 1) You are smashing a chick for the 2nd or 3rd time, the first one was a drunken mess and you lasted hours, performed like a God and made her beg for more. Now you’re sober and you pump twice and cum like god damn Speedy Gonzales. 2) You are at a friends’ house for a small get together or party and you can feel the chicken wings/Taco Bell/Micky D’s bubbling in your stomach so you drop a nasty Dumb and Dumber style shit in the toilet. No air freshener so fuck the next dude who walks in, it’s his fault for having a small bladder. Only you open the door and it’s the girl you just started dating, she really has to pee and is rushing to get past you into the danger zone.

So who could come up with the better on the fly lie to make themselves not look like the total putz that we all really are? Quick cum or monster dump?