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Bradenton Herald

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So this extremely sexy, youthful lady of the night pulled a fast one on an adoption agency and unfortunate couple. My guess is she was ski poling a couple dudes at a Red Roof Inn and Baby Mama happened to be on the TV and a very, very dim light bulb went off in her super methy head. She probably called up Lester Diamond and concocted the theory that no one had seen that movie in awhile so no one could possibly think she wasn’t really pregnant and wanting to give the gift of a child to a happy couple. And god dammit she was right. Now I lived in Bradenton awhile so this all makes sense, they are beyond ass backwards in every way throughout that town. Of course the story takes the turn it should have, this bitch is in jail and definitely not pregnant but it just sucks for the people wanting the baby. But I’m sure they are thanking their lucky stars a beautiful little kid didn’t fall out of that whore’s meat wallet. Woof.

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Side note, Baby Mama is a pretty solid movie. I’m a big time Tina and Amy fan.

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Here is the uncensored video from Live Leak with commentary from the employees of said Micky D’s.
Gotta love the comment ‘Look at dem titties doh’

NWF Daily News- CRESTVIEW – You don’t spit in the wind. Nor do you spit in a Crestview Police officer’s face. According to an arrest report, 27-year-old Brian C. Hussey of Crestview was walking down Ferdon Boulevard when the officer stopped to ask about his welfare. “During the encounter the defendant blew in my face two times,” the officer wrote in the arrest report. “He was advised twice to not blow in my face. The defendant told me he could blow in my face and that he doesn’t take orders from ‘Asians.’ The defendant blew in my face a third time and not only struck me with air, but spit as well.” The officer said the spit struck his right cheek and right lens of his eyeglasses.

An Asian cop is like the perfect storm of people not getting respect. Cops have always been shit on because people hate when they get a ticket or get in trouble (for doing illegal things) so people don’t want to respect them and call them pigs and stuff. Asians are always shit on for being nerdy, great a math, having little dicks and not being able to drive. Blowing in this cops face is the ultimate “I don’t give a fuck what you say” because that’s what you do to your dog to freak him out. Spitting was a little too far but then again so is just stopping this guy walking down the street to check his welfare. Classic Asian’s profiling white people for not being able to do the math to stay off government assistance.


CBS 10 News- Pinellas County, Florida — A man stole a large amount of cat food from Walmart that he said he planned to sell to his friend with 300 cats. Officers responded to the Walmart on Us Highway 19 North in Clearwater to investigate a shoplifting case involving cat food. Loss prevention staff had detained James Lawlor for loading up a shopping cart full of cat food and then walking to his car without paying. Lawlor explained to officers that he had done this in the past and that he steals the cat food to sell in what he calls “hustling.” Lawlor also said he has a friend with 300 cats and he sells the food to him and others. Lawlor was arrested and transported to the Pinellas County jail charged with one count of Grand Theft.

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Things are tough out here in FLA baby. People from up North think it’s all sunny skies, beautiful beaches, and meth for days. What they don’t see are these hustlers duckin’ the cops trying to unload their shopping carts full of Fancy Feast and Friskies Meaty Bits. Shit’s real down here son. But for real, this shit is nuts. Bold ass move to just load up the cart and walk out like no one would notice a fucking full cart of cat food. And to already have a customer lined up with 300 god damn cats, I love this guys’ mind set. People always wonder how you get into the game, you need demand and he sure found one in that weirdo.

Tampa Bay Times- A man who lives in an apartment that was the scene of a huge fire Sunday night was arrested early Monday morning on a felony arson charge. He set the blaze, according to police, to get back at the management of the apartment complex, whom he felt had treated him unjustly. Four people were left homeless as a result of the fire, according to Tampa Fire Rescue officials, which broke out just after 10 p.m. at the Mar Plaza Apartments at 4817 E Temple Heights Road, near Busch Boulevard and N 56th Street. A resident of one of the apartments told police that his neighbor, Kenneth Haskins, 58, admitted to setting the fire, according to an arrest report. Haskins, who lives in the apartment where the fire started, later told detectives that he wanted to get back at the company that manages Mar Plaza, police said. His reason: They had recently told him to stop masturbating in front of his open windows and front door, according to police. He was arrested on a charge of first-degree arson and held in the Orient Road Jail without bail.

The apartment complex should be lucky a fire is all that happened. I will be god damned if anyone is going to tell me where to and where to not jerk off in my own home. I am a tax paying, rent on time paying, US citizen with needs, just like ol’ Kenny Haskins and sometimes you need to crack stick in unusual places. How many times can this guy blow loads into his towels watching PornHub on his phone without it get boring. Just like how many times can you fuck the same girl the same way without you wanting to kill yourself? You have to mix it up. If this was a hot girl no one would give a shit. Sexism at it’s finest. I have your back Kenny.

PS You can’t give this guy a fucking break? Shot himself in the face for Christ’s sake, let him jerk off in peace